Niall, she's yours

Samantha and Niall had broken up years ago, before she could tell him she's pregnant.

Years later she leaves their daughter with him as to she has cancer and might not make it.

Will Niall step up to the plate? Will he love her as much as Sam loves her? Will he be a good dad?

Ps. I think my blurb is shitty but yeno give my story a chance


13. chapter 12: happy birthday

"DADDY, DADDY, DADDY" Andie yelled jumping around on me and my bed.

"Andie, what?" I groaned dragging her down on to me.

"Oh hi daddy" she said casually smiling.

"Princess, daddy is trying to sleep" I said cuddling her and shutting my eyes.

"But daddy, it's my birthday" she complained wiggling around.

"I'm not feeling to good, I could ask the gang to take you out for brunch" I groaned.

"But daaaaddy, you have to come" she said in disbelief

"I'm not feeling well, I'll text everyone and tell them to take you out for a couple hours, I think that's all we will do sorry princess" I explained.

"Okay" she sighed getting up and walking out of my room.

As soon as she was out of sight I texted the group chat with the secret word that kicked our plan into action. i was actually very pumped for this plan, going to make my baby very happy.

"I'll get it" I heard andie yell after the doorbell.

"Happy birthday!" I heard everyone yell from downstairs, I soon heard Eleanor and Andie talking as they walked up the stairs to my room.

"Hey, I'm going to get her bathed and dressed" she said peeking in my room, i have her a nod of okay.

After about an hour I heard the front door shut. I sprung out of bed and grabbed all the luggage and packed everything we both needed so 3 bags and a carry on later I was super tired but all packed for tonight.

I called Paul to bring the van around so I could put all the bags in there with everyone else who was ready to go.

"Daddy, can we go see mommy" I heard after the door shut, bringing me out of a daze. My mouth gapped open and closed, what could I possibly tell her?? She absolutely couldn't see her mom in the state that she was in, so I guess I'll compromise..

"How about we call her baby??" I asked crossing my fingers in my mind.

"Okay daddy" she smiled jumping into my lap, I nervously pulled out my phone and dialled the number I knew way to well.

"Hello??" A weak voice answered, you couldn't tell it was Samantha at all.

"Hi, it's Niall" I said slowly, still in a bit of disbelief.

"Oh hi, can I talk to my baby!" She said as what I assume happily into the phone, it was hard hearing her like this I think she looks worse then she sounds though.

"Princess" I said passing her the phone with a bit of a tremble to my hand.

"Hi mommy!" She exclaimed into the phone, then walked up to her room.

I just sat there, looking at nothing, blocking out all the sounds from around me. I don't know how long I was zoned out but I jolted when I was getting a phone call on the house phone, I assume she's still talking to her mom.

"Hello?" I answer quickly.

"We're starting to pick everyone up, get ready" uncle si said then hung up, well that was rude I thought but I started up the stairs anyways.

"Can I talk to mommy and you can go pick out pjs" I asked sticking my hand out for the phone. "Hello" I said after I got it.

"Hi Niall" she said quietly.

"So it's her birthday and were taking a trip to disneyworld today, she doesn't know yet" I said quietly trying for Andie not to hear me.

"Awe that's so sweet, take lots of pictures for me" she said excitedly.

"Will do, we should go now don't want to be late for the flight" I chuckled nervously.

"Bye Niall" she said

"Bye Sam" I said. "I love you" I whispered as soon as I hung up.

As I heard the familiar honking of the van, I picked up Andie, grabbed the little things turn off all the lights and locked the door behind me.

"Where are we going??" She asked me as I strapped her into her car seat.

"We're just going for a drive" I said sitting down next to her, hoping she would fall asleep and make the flight easier for me and well everyone.

I was soon carrying a limp, snoring Andrea in my arms while I was trying to carry a couple of bags with me. We were quickly let through checking, security and loaded onto the plane, due to all the screaming fans that were causing the airport lots of commotion.

As the plane took off I got more excited, about 10 more hours and we'll be landed in Florida, can't wait for the stupid flight to be over.

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