The Saga of Derp the Potato

This is about a Jewish potato named Derp, and what he does with his life. I'm Jewish so I'm allowed to make these jokes. :)
My sister helped me make this book!


2. Derp's Life at Home

   Derp lives in Idaho, the land of said potato. He lived with his Jewish mothers two. They called him Derpovitz. They were not cannibals, so on Channukkah they ate tomato latkes.

   One day when Derp was rollin' and not hatin' he bumped into Rabbi Derpbergh. Rabbi Derpbergh said, "Derpovitz. You need to come to the Land of Derp with me." Of course Derp said yes, because the Land of Derp was where his 18 children lived. They were in a band together called The Little Boychicks.

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