a lovegood and a malfoy

I loved him he loved me all of school knows but what happens when there parents find out will it be romeo and Juliet or Cinderella and her prince charming?


2. :)

it was 3:00 in the morning I was watching t.v in my living room when my house elf came up 2 me and said "a letter for mister malfoy " I said my dads in bed "no mister malfoy for you" okay I said I took the letter and it was for Hogwarts yessssssss I said in a low voice I ran into my parents room and started shaking them silly what they said I handed my dad the letter and he said okay ill get your stuff on sunday what is it my mom said. I said I got into Hogwarts . she said good for u ill go to the store right now . I said we are going on sunday.

                                                        ~scorpius malfoy~

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