A Sad, Sad Story

A man called Jack flies a Spitfire and is due to fly over an audience at a show. Everything is going smoothly until a tragedy occurs, resulting in a sad, sad ending.


2. Preparation

One day, Jack was due to do a display at a local air show in his county of Suffolk. He had followed his plan of waking up at 6; having breakfast of Weetabix; getting dressed in his leather flying suit which was very special to him since it was his fathers. It was time then, to get the Spitfire ready, ready for one of the most privileged experience you can have. First of all, he oiled the plane, every nook and cranny, nut, bolt and valve, and then he checked it all to make sure that they were all in order. After, Jack washed the spit fire and polished it so at the end of his toil and trouble, he had the best looking plane he had ever seen in his entire lifetime.

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