Belle Lestrange

Being the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange, Belle is instantly put to work for the Dark Lord himself, Voldemort. When the Dark Lord returns, Belle is told to gain the trust of Harry Potter, then kill him. Will she, or will her feelings change? Probably not.


2. Chapter Two

         I step out into the living room, causing Lucius, mother and father to stare at me.

"Excuse me?" I say. "Exactly who wants to see me?"

"Honey, the Dark Lord requests to see you!" beams Mother, clearly bursting with pride.

"What could possibly need me for, he must be busy since he's been nonexistent for thirteen years," I say. Even though my mother follows him and my father and my whole family, I'm not very accustomed to him, considering I've never seen him in person. 

"Darling, he wants you to be a junior Death Eater! He's got a job for you!" 

"What? Amazing!" I smile excitedly, my nervousness gone. He trusts a simple fifteen year old girl to do a job for him! And that girl is me!! "What is it?"

"No idea. But he wants to see you, tomorrow!"

.         I go to sleep that night thinking about what kinds of things I might do. After a while, Harry Potter comes to mind. Might he want me to kill him? I hope so. That stupid git. I wish he'd listened to the sorting Hat and come to Slytherien instead of hanging out with mudbloods and blood traiters in Gryffindor. Maybe then he wouldn't be against the Dark Lord, but working for him, like me. 

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