Belle Lestrange

Being the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange, Belle is instantly put to work for the Dark Lord himself, Voldemort. When the Dark Lord returns, Belle is told to gain the trust of Harry Potter, then kill him. Will she, or will her feelings change? Probably not.


3. Chapter Three

          I wake up to my mother shaking me.

"Come along now!"

"What is it?"

"He's waiting!" She throws a black dress robe from my closet on my head.

"This early?"

"Yes. He doesn't like to be kept waiting, my dear."

          Hurriedly throwing on my dress robe and chomping down breakfast, excitement runs through me the whole time. Mother and I grab our broomsticks and I follow her. I have no idea where we are going until we hover over Malfoy Manor.

"Why here?" I yell over the wind as we land.

          Not answering me, she makes her way to the door. A small house elf opens the door.

"Hello, Miss Lestrange. The Dark Lord is down in the dining room," it bows.

"Thank you," I say. Mother glares at me-she isn't too fond of them. She thinks they are merely servants that we bend to our will and boss around. I do too, but it doesn't hurt to be polite. If we're mean they won't be nice to us, and I just won't have an elf that poisons my tea.

          Walking into the dining room, I see the table is filled with Uncle Lucius, Aunt Narcissa, and my cousin Draco. And at the front Sat the Dark Lord, looking at me slyly. Excitement swirls around my stomach, making butterflies float around.

"Hello, Bellatrix," he hisses. "And Belle, our guest of honor."

"Hello, my Lord," mother takes a seat next to her sister. I nervously sit by Draco, who looks at me with surprise.

"Well, let's get right to the point, shall we?" Voldemort eyes me, then mother. "You know why I have requested to see your daughter, correct, Bellatrix?"

"Yes, m'Lord."

"Does Belle?" He looks at me again.

"No," I say.

"Well, young Belle. I request a favor from you. You are in the same year as Harry Potter, are you not?"

I nod.

"And exactly how would you describe your relationship with him?"

"We are not necessarily good. In other words, if you put us in a room together alone, he'd come out with a black eye."

"Very well. And you, Draco?"

"The same." He avoids eye contact. "Maybe not as intense as her."

"You'll have to fix that." He smiles. "I need you to become friends with Potter. I need you to gain his trust."

"May I ask why?" I ask.

"You may ask, but I will only answer with this. I must kill him.

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