Belle Lestrange

Being the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange, Belle is instantly put to work for the Dark Lord himself, Voldemort. When the Dark Lord returns, Belle is told to gain the trust of Harry Potter, then kill him. Will she, or will her feelings change? Probably not.


1. Chapter One

*Note: I am working on the cover.*

          I wake up with a start, jerking up in my bed. I instantly go for my wand on my nightstand. The noise sounds once again. I waver towards the window, looking out to see three figures flying in midair towards the house. On broomsticks, I think.

"Look out!" One of them yells. Ducking, I run towards the door. I step down the steps and go right out the front door. I see three more figures flying above me, and I see lights passing between them: a battle.

"Stupefy!" one yells. I see a figure begin barreling towards the ground, and I run towards it. Because even in the dim moonlight, I can tell it was my mother.

"Mum?" I ask, and she bolts right up.

"Belle! Go back inside!"

"No! Who are you fighting?"

"Some deadbeats from the Order, now go!"

"No, I want to fight!"


          I stun someone on their broom and they fall to the ground. Smiling with pure pride, I run towards another duel, which seems to be a stalemate. It's Lucius, I learn. The greasy headed git. I help him greatly, but he simply says he doesn't need assistance from a child. 

         When the Order nuts have given up, we go inside and talk. Well, they do. I eavesdrop, because I'm supposed to be in bed.

"The Dark Lord wants to see her," whispers a familiar voice, father's. "But it's much too dangerous. Who knows what he wants her for?"

"Who cares, Rodolphus?" my mother scoffs. "If he wants to see my daughter, let it be so."


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