Sex god

Harry styles is a 19 year old teenage boy looking for love.

Victoria secret is a 18 year old teenage girl looking for love

What will happen when Victoria and Harry meet will they find love or will they be enemy's read to find out


2. meeting the perfect girl

"Hey lads do you want to go to a club tonight at 7?" I asked. "Yeah" they all said "great lets get ready cause it's already 6:30"so we all ran to our rooms and got ready, by the time we all got ready it was 6:50 so we left straight away.


By the time we got there it was 7:00, we got mobbed by paparazzis and screaming girls. We got in straight away so we all went to the bar and we ordered shots. As soon as we were done having our shots I ordered a turqulla and coke. When I was done with my drink I was already drunk so I went to the dance floor and started to dance with every girl there.

When I finished dancing with every girl I noticed one girl sitting by the bar "May I buy this pretty lady a drink?" "Okay" she said so I ordered her a drink. By the time she finished she was drunk like me and we danced all night.

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