Mariah Winston is 19 years old and recently moves in with her dad in England. She hadn't spoken to him since she was a little girl. She attends a new college and meets some new people. But what happens when she mets a boy who has 2 different personalities. After finding out about Harry's darkest secrets she tries to learn how to trust again. Can she trust that Harry will change and love her and won't hurt her? Or will the outcome be deadly and what she expects? Find out in Darker!


6. 6

I̸f̸ y̸o̸u̸ w̸a̸n̸t̸ m̸e̸ t̸o̸ f̸o̸r̸g̸e̸t̸ y̸o̸u̸r̸ p̸a̸s̸t̸, t̸e̸l̸l̸ m̸e̸ y̸o̸u̸r̸ p̸a̸s̸t̸ s̸o̸ I̸ c̸a̸n̸ f̸o̸r̸g̸i̸v̸e̸ y̸o̸u̸ a̸n̸d̸ f̸o̸r̸g̸e̸t̸ i̸t̸.

We sit is silence for a few minutes before Harry asks me for directions and I give them. "Where did you live? Before here?" I look at Harry but his eyes are on the road. "South Carolina. By Myrtle Beach with my grandmother." He nods. "Why did you move here?" "My dad asks me to come after my grandmother past so, I did." He nods his head and turns the radio on.

I listen for a little bit before finally recognizing the song. "You like Adele?" He blushes. "Sort of. Not a lot though only a few of her songs are decent." I laugh. "All of her songs are about heart break." He chuckles. "Maybe that's why I like her so much." His gaze meets mine and I can't help but feel like he has just put me under some sort of spell. I look away and hope that he can't see the heat in my cheeks.

We stay silent the rest of the way but I can't help but wonder why he enjoys songs about heart break and lost loves. He pulls into my driveway and in open the door and walk to the front door.

"Mariah!" I turn around and Harry is walking up to me. "Yeah?" He shakes his head. "Aren't you going to thank me?" I laugh. "For what?" He frowns. "The ride." I nod. "Yeah, sure, um, thanks I guess." He laughs. "Sorry for being an asshole but, your right about not trusting me." I look at him. "Why, are you a killer or something." I laugh but he doesn't. I gasp. "Your a killer! Aren't you?" He laughs. "No, just don't trust me okey?" I shake my head. "I wasn't going to, but why." He walks to his car and yells back as he gets in.

"I won't try to control myself around you." He gets in and drives off. For some reason I feel like he is trying to tell me he is Edward Cullen from Twilight but the smart part of my brain snacks me and calls me a dumb ass. I go inside and quickly go upstairs but when I'm only half way up my dad gets home.

I run quickly up and shut my door quietly. I run to my closet and take off my dress and shoes and put on my fluffy pajama pants and tshirt. I run to my bed and check the clock. 1 am. Yeah my dad will definitely check to see if I snuck out. Which I did but he doesn't need to know that. I lay under the covers and hear my dad open the door. He stands tree for a minute before leaving to go to bed himself.

I wake up really late at 12 in the afternoon. I look at my phone and have 3 new messages all from Valerie.

*Where are you at? I don't see you anyway.*

*Mariah, did you leave! Are you upstairs with someone?*

*Me and Ashley are leaving so text in 5 minutes or we'll leave you behind*

I laugh when I read the last text was this morning. I text her back.

*Calm down! Harry took me home last night and I couldn't find you so that's why I left*

I put my phone on my bed and get up. I walk to the closet and decide to go to the mall today. I didn't bring many clothes with me so I'll have to go but some. I out on my jeans and black sweatshirt and put my hair in a messy bun. I put on my converses and grab my phone and bag.

When I get downstairs I see my dad at the table eating a bowl of cereal. "Hey Mariah! Good morning." I turn to look at him. "Hey dad!" He smiles and looks at my bag. "Are you going out?" I nod. "The mall. I need some new stuff so I'll be gone for a while." He nods. "Want any breakfast?" I shake my head. "No I'm going to get some while I'm out. Thanks though." He nods and waves as I go out to my car and head to the mall.

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