Mariah Winston is 19 years old and recently moves in with her dad in England. She hadn't spoken to him since she was a little girl. She attends a new college and meets some new people. But what happens when she mets a boy who has 2 different personalities. After finding out about Harry's darkest secrets she tries to learn how to trust again. Can she trust that Harry will change and love her and won't hurt her? Or will the outcome be deadly and what she expects? Find out in Darker!


5. 5

I̸'m̸ t̸h̸a̸n̸k̸f̸u̸l̸ f̸o̸r̸ t̸h̸e̸ d̸i̸f̸f̸i̸c̸u̸l̸t̸ p̸e̸o̸p̸l̸e̸ I̸ h̸a̸v̸e̸ m̸e̸t̸. T̸h̸e̸ h̸a̸v̸e̸ s̸h̸o̸w̸n̸ m̸e̸ e̸x̸a̸c̸t̸l̸y̸ w̸h̸o̸ I̸ d̸o̸n̸'t̸ w̸a̸n̸t̸ t̸o̸ b̸e̸.

I begin to panic when Harry continues to stand in front of me looking really pissed. "Um, I was, looking for my jacket." He rolls his eyes and grabs my arm and yanks me out. I stumble and nearly fall from him pushing me. "What the hell is wrong with you?" He laughs. "I'm not the one hiding in people's closets!" He screams. "I'm not the one smoking pot!" He freezes in place and steps to close to me.

"If you ever mention that, I swear to god." His voice is low and angry. "Maybe I will, I don't respect drug addicts." He grabs my wrist and pushes me against the wall. I start to breathe really fast. "I'm NOT a drug addict!" He screams in my face. I try to push him off but he tightens his grip. His nails dig into my skin. I whimper and he laughs. "Let me go!" He smiles. "What the hell is wrong with you? Let me go you douche!" He lets go of my wrists but doesn't move.

"Are you going to apologize?" I laugh. "What? You are really jacked up! Look at my wrists!" He looks at my wrists and sees the blood coming out of the marks. It looks so obvious that someone grabbed me. He pulls me to the bathroom and cleans it up. I watch him the whole time. I can't believe that Harry was literally trying to kill me and now he is cleaning up my wounds. When he finishes I quickly walk out.

"Mariah! Wait!" He yells while chasing me through the house. I start to walk on the sidewalk. "Where are you going?" He gets closer and I start to run. He quickly catches up and pulls my arm. "What the hell! Stop touching me! Do you not know how to keep your hands to yourself?" I jerk away but he steps in front of me. I make an angry growl. "Dude seriously! I don't want you to touch me or be near me so F off!" He laughs. "Look, I'm sorry about earlier. It must've been the pot or something." I laugh. "That's what all drug addicts say." He takes a deep breathe and balls his fists at his sides. "Look, I'm trying to be nice here!" He spits back.

"Harry, look, I get that you don't like me and the only reason your following me is so I want tell your little friends your a druggie. But guess what! I don't give two shits about you and drug problem! So please, please, leave me alone!" He stares at me and finally speaks. "Fine, do you need a ride or something?" I laugh. "If rather walk but thanks for the offer." He laughs. "Are you afraid of me?" I laugh as well. "No, I just don't trust you." He looks hurt. "Why not?" I roll my eyes. "Well one you tried to kill me. And don't be offended, I don't trust anyone so, yeah bye." He looks at me before asking the annoying question. "Why?" I sigh. "Personal reasons." He nods. "Tell me." I shake my head. He keeps begging me. "If I let you give me a ride, will you shutup." He laughs and thinks for a second. "Deal." We shake hands. We walk to his car and I hear him say something under his breathe. "But I'll ask again later." I roll my eyes and get in his car.

(Hey guys! I'm going to update again today so keep reading! Thank you so much and comment and all those other things! I see Valerie as Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley as Ashley Benson, Niall, Louis and Harry as the guys from One Direction! Thanks!)

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