Mariah Winston is 19 years old and recently moves in with her dad in England. She hadn't spoken to him since she was a little girl. She attends a new college and meets some new people. But what happens when she mets a boy who has 2 different personalities. After finding out about Harry's darkest secrets she tries to learn how to trust again. Can she trust that Harry will change and love her and won't hurt her? Or will the outcome be deadly and what she expects? Find out in Darker!


3. 3

W̸h̸e̸n̸ y̸o̸u̸ f̸i̸n̸a̸l̸l̸y̸ l̸e̸t̸ g̸o̸ o̸f̸ t̸h̸e̸ p̸a̸s̸t̸, s̸o̸m̸e̸t̸h̸i̸n̸g̸ b̸e̸t̸t̸e̸r̸ c̸o̸m̸e̸s̸ a̸r̸o̸u̸n̸d̸.

I wake up at 5 in the morning and take a long hot shower to losen my nervous nerves. When I get out I blow dry my hair and brush my teeth. I walk back to my old room and put on a pair of tight yoga pants with a matching jacket. I walk over to my mirror and forget about makeup but pull my hair into a messy bun. I put my boots on and grab my bags before heading to the taxi waiting for me out front.

The drive to the airport is 20 minutes and I sit in silence playing with my phone at the broken case. When I arrive at the airport I quickly run to the desk to get my ticket. My plane starts in 10 minutes and I have to walk practically to the other end of the airport. I quickly pick up my bags and run to my plane.

I make it in enough time to find a seat and sit down. I get really lucky when no one comes and sits next to me. I stare out the window the entire flight and think about the pros and cons of this move.

14 hours pass and we finally land. I sigh in relief and walk off to grab my bags. My dad is no where in sight and right before I call him I hear someone call my name.

"Mariah?" I look up and see my dad smiling while jogging over to me.

"Hey dad." I smile and he pulls me in a suffocating hug.

I cough and push back. "Dad...your killing me." He laughs and pulls back.

"Sorry, still breakable huh?" I nod. "Yeah, sure." We stand in an awkward silence until he finally grabs my bags.

"Well, let's go! I can't wait for you to see your room." I smile and follow him to the car. Thankfully he doesn't speak to me during the whole drive but that ends when we approach a huge house in the fanciest neighborhood I have ever seen. It is a brick house with vines growing nowhere in sights the front yard is huge with a water fountain and just that makes me wonder about the size of the back. The house is two stories tall and my father pulls his car into a garage before getting out and grabbing my bags. I get out and walk to help him.

"I've got it, just open the door please." I nod and we walk to the front door and he hands me the key so I can unlock the door. I pull the door open and the place his not as large inside as outside but it is still huge.

"Here, I'll show you your room. This way." He tilts his head to the stairs and I follow behind him. He opens the door and I see a beautiful room with built in bookshelves and drawers on the walls. The window is long and it starts and the ceiling and ends right by the floor. The whole wall is practically glass. The bed is on the other side of my room by the door and it is king size with lace floral design that matches the chairs pillows and the whole theme of the room. I walk in more pas my dad as he sets my bags down.

"Wow, dad. Um, thanks." He smiles and I return the gesture. "Really, you like it?" I nod.

"Yeah, it's great." He blushes. "Well, I hope you enjoy it here and feel at home. I'm going to go to my office now so, will you be alright here alone?" I nod. "Yeah that's fine. Thanks." He smiles and leaves my room. I sit on the bed and take a deep breathe.

After hours of unpacking and decorating my room is finally complete. I open my door to go explore the house. I walk past the amazing kitchen and living room and go to look at the backyard. I push the sliding door back and see the huge pool and patio tables all around the deck. The stairs lead to the backyard and there's a bunch of space. There's a garden with flowers of all sorts and in laugh at the thought of my father gardening. He must have a Gardner or something.

I walk back upstairs to my room and lay on my bed. I forgot that tommorow will be my first day of my new college so this will be great. I change into my pajamas and go to sleep.

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