Journeys (A Bajancanadian FanFic)

When Katie moves to Montreal, Canada, she expects her life to be a pretty normal, college life. It turns out life can be FULL of surprises. Enjoy! :)



1. The Goodbye

(A/N Hi guys! this is my first fanfic. If you want to see more, be sure to tell me dat! Bai.)


~~~(Katie’s POV)~~~

My name is Katie. I’m 18 years old, soon to be 19. I have long, mocha hair, and tan skin. (We live in Arizona.) As you might have guessed, I’m 18, and therefore, I am ready to go to college.

“Bye mom! I’ll miss you!” I said. ”I’ll miss you too Katie.” She replied. (My real name is Kaitlin, but everyone calls me Katie.) I was moving off to Concordia University. It was a really sad moment, but I was extremely excited to face a little something called… Life! “Do you have your passport and everything?” Mom asked. “Yup! I’m all set…” I could tell it was hard for my mom to say goodbye, as she as going to be alone in the house until she finds a boyfriend. My dad walked out on her when I was 12, and it was my job to keep my mother’s spirits up. “I’ll be sure to Skype you whenever I can” I assured her. “Do you promise?” “I promise.” I saw the taxi pull up to our driveway. “Alright mom, bye!!” I said, hugging her. I walked out to the taxi and waved my final goodbye.

Once I loaded the plane, I pulled out my iPhone and my blue Beats and started listening to my airplane playlist and drifted off… I was awakened by our annoying, high pitched pilot telling us that we were going to begin our descent into Saint-Hubert airport in Montreal. (Thank god for non-stop flights!) I looked out the window, and my heart almost stopped! It was a beautiful morning, and the sun was just barely over the horizon. What a beautiful day.

As I stepped off the plane, I felt a pang of hunger. I walked over to the nearest vendor and ordered a croissant and a coffee. Wow. That was much needed. I strolled past the security checkpoint and out to the parking garage where my friend Lacey was waiting.

~~~(Lacey’s POV)~~~

It was so hard dragging myself out of bed this morning at 4:00 AM. I kept on telling myself stay strong, you’re going to see Katie! I got in my white Mazda and pulled out of the driveway to my apartment in my pajama bottoms (Why not?) and began the drive to Hubert. When I got there, I pulled up to the arrivals section of the airport. A couple minutes later, I saw a flustered Katie walk out the automatic doors, so I rolled down the window. “Katie!” I squealed “I’m so happy to finally have a roommate!” I got out to help her load all of her stuff into the car. We both piled in, and headed back down the arrival ramp.

When we got back to the apartment, Katie asked if we could go for a run once she was done unpacking. “Absolutely!” I said. I could totally understand why she would want to go out on the town. While Katie settled in, I changed out of my pajamas and got into sweatpants and a windbreaker. I was kinda sad that Katie was eventually going to move in to her own apartment, but we would obviously still be in touch. This is gonna be a fun life.

(A/N This is the first chapter! Woo! Please leave a comment on what you would like to see; it was so much fun!)

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