Journeys (A Bajancanadian FanFic)

When Katie moves to Montreal, Canada, she expects her life to be a pretty normal, college life. It turns out life can be FULL of surprises. Enjoy! :)



5. The Car Ride

(A/N Hi! Song of the chapter is the Cup Song by Anna Kendrick.)

~~~(Mitch's POV)~~~

The next day, after Katie and Lacey went to pack for our trip, I decided I would need to have a good long talk with Jerome. "Hey Jerome?" I said. "Yeah?" He answered. "Are you and Lacey a... Thing?" I said. "You could call it that..." He replied tentatively. I could tell he was really into her. "Promise me you won't do anything... funky... on the trip." I said awkwardly. "I won't. I promise. You promise me as well Mitch." He countered. "I promise." I assured him.

We went to pick up Lacey and Katie at their house and Jerome plugged the campground into his phone GPS. Lacey was sitting shotgun with Jerome, and I was sitting in the back with Katie. It was about 7:00 PM, and we planned to be driving until about 11:00 PM. Katie drifted off and rested her head on my shoulder. She looked so pretty. It was about 10:00 when she woke up and looked up at me. I didn't say anything, I just looked in to her deep blue eyes... Eventually she fell asleep on my lap and I gently stroked her hair until I, too fell asleep. It was about 11:15 when I felt the car stop. We had arrived at our hotel. Even though Katie was my girlfriend, we decided to have me and Jerome in one room, with Lacey and Katie in the other. It was just the safer option.

~~~(Katie's POV)~~~

When I woke up, Lacey was still sleeping, so I crept out of bed and walked into the boys' room. Jerome was asleep, and Mitch was on his laptop. "Hi Mitch!" I whispered. "Hey Kate." He said. Hmm... Kate. I liked that nickname. He walked over to me and kissed me on the forehead. "How about we go do something?" I suggested. "Yeah. Let's go for a simple walk." He said. "Ok!" I replied. We walked down the stairs and out the door of the hotel. At 7:00, there was practically nobody in the lobby. We walked for about a mike, talking about Lacey & Jerome, and about our upcoming trip. "Are you excited Kate?" He asked me. "Definatly." I replied, leaning up on my tiptoes and kissing him on the lips gently. I love this man. I'll find a way to tell him on our trip. For sure.

(A/N Hie! These upcoming chapters are going to include more of Lacey and Jerome's POV don't worry ;) Bai!!)

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