Journeys (A Bajancanadian FanFic)

When Katie moves to Montreal, Canada, she expects her life to be a pretty normal, college life. It turns out life can be FULL of surprises. Enjoy! :)



3. Dat Party Doe

(A/N Lol I suck at making cliffhangers suspenseful. Song of the chapter is Tonight, Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae. *Hint Hint* ;) Bai!)

~~~(Katie's POV)~~~

I fell to the ground with a silent scream. My kneecap had slid way too far to the right. Oh god. I don't even want to look "Woah!!" Mitch yelled, jogging up to me. "What happened?" He looked down at my knee. He bent down and easily slid my knee back in. "Shit, Mitch!" Jerome said. "Since when did you become a doctor?" He asked. "I took a wilderness first aid course a while back." Mitch answered.

---3 months later---

Mitch and Jerome had both become good friends with Lacey and I, but I had hoped our relationships could have gone a little further. "Well," I thought "New Years is almost here! There's no better time to make a move!" I thought I'd better go talk to Lacey. "Lacey?" I asked. "Yes Katie?" She replied. "I really like Mitch." I admitted. "I could never work up the courage to tell him." "Well," She said, "My friend Jessica and her boyfriend Jake are hosting a New Years party! Tell him then!" "Good idea Lace!" I replied enthusiastically.

~~~(Time skip to party)~~~

When we drove up to Jessica's house, we could already hear the bass thumping from the music. Mitch and I exchanged glances like: This is going to be a wild night. We walked up to the door, and someone let us in right away. There were probably about 25 people there, and it was 11:00 PM. Mitch grabbed my hand and dragged me to the dance floor. We were dancing to Pompeii, by               Bastille.

~~~(Mitch's POV)~~~

(A/N You're not going to see Lacey's POV as much, because the main characters are Katie, Mitch, and Jerome.)

I pulled Katie out to dance with me, and surprisingly, she didn't resist. Maybe this is my night. I sort of planned to make a move with Katie tonight. She was really nice, really pretty, and she wasn't friends with me for my Youtube channel, she just genuinely thought of me as a friend. Not for long ;) a little voice in my head said. After about 20 minutes of dancing with Katie, (which was not a bad 20 minutes) someone said that we were going to play Seven Minutes in Heaven. "I hate this game." Katie whispered to me. "It's ok, we'll go somewhere else." I assured her. We snuck out of the main room, and into a hallway that was sort of isolated from the rest of the party.

"I have something to tell you." We said at the same time. She blushed. "You first." I said. "No, You." She replied. "On three." I said. "One… Two… Three…" "I really like you." We said in unison. We both sat there stunned for a second, then I said "Really?" "Yes" She replied, hugging my chest. This is going better than I had expected it to. "Maybe we should head back into the party." She suggested. "Agreed." I told her. She squeezed my hand as we walked back down the hallway and went to sit down. Somebody wolf-whistled. "Oh shut up." Katie told him. That's my girl, I thought proudly.

~~~(Katie's POV)~~~

I was so happy that Mitch knew I like him!!

The music started blaring, and we started dancing again. The next thing we know, it's 11:50!! Everybody sits down as the coverage of Times Square comes back on. It is pure chaos as everybody slides on their New Years hats, and readies their noisemakers. "10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…" Mitch presses me against the wall and starts kissing me. He is sending sparks through me. I don't want to let go. Eventually, we sadly break apart. Mitch is cheering and everybody is either kissing, yelling "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" or drinking champagne.

When we went to the car at 2:00 in the morning to go home, I notice Lacey and Jerome holding hands. Wow! So much can happen in one night.

(A/N That one was my favorite one to write! I can't wait for the plot to unfold, and I hope you can't either! I love all you doods! Bai.)

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