Journeys (A Bajancanadian FanFic)

When Katie moves to Montreal, Canada, she expects her life to be a pretty normal, college life. It turns out life can be FULL of surprises. Enjoy! :)



8. ANOTHER Car Ride

Song of the chapter is to be decided in the comments!!


~~~(Mitch's POV)~~~

I woke up to Katie snoring.


I lifted my head up slowly so as not to wake her up. I crept over to the tent flap and pulled it open, walking over to our mini grill. I threw some sausages on, and started frying some eggs. I put in one earbud.


All I need's a little love in my life

All I needs a little love in the dark.

A little but I'm hoping it might kickstart

me and my broken heart.

I shifted my gaze over to our tent and saw Katie, just waking up.

She walked over to me and tilted her head as if to ask: "May I?"

I nodded and handed her an earbud.


I need a little loving tonight.

Hold me so I'm not fallin apart.

A little but I'm hoping it might kickstart

Me and my broken heart




Aimed at my heart you got one

Tear me apart and then some

How do we call this love?

Without a word, Katie leaned up and kissed me. I just grinned and did the cheesy hand-on-the-girl's-waist-while-cooking-a-crappy-meal thing. "I have the best idea ever." I whispered. I took a sausage and slowly unzipped Jerome and Lacey's tent to see Lacey with her head on Jerome's chest. "WAKE UP JEROME!" I shouted. I pegged Jerome in the face with a sausage and ran away.

I carried Katie (who had an extremely confused look on her face) to the parking lot and set her down, turning around to see Jerome holding a half eaten sausage hanging out of his mouth, loping towards us. Lacey followed close behind, looking very disheveled.

~~(Jerome's POV)~~

I chased Mitch all the way to the parking lot, when I saw him sittig down, facing Katie, with a serious look on his face - so I decide not to bother him.

I strolled back to the tent when I saw Lacey. "What was that about?" She asked.

"It's an inside joke," I tell her, gesturing for her to sit down, "And I think its time I'd better explain it to you."

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