Her Name is Rose

This story is about teenage girl, Rose, who goes to a boarding school in New York. She falls in love with the mysterious Julian, but he isn't who he says he is. Rose lives in a world full of secrets that threaten to change the life she lives in America.


2. Chapter Two

The girls flung open the bedroom door and tumbled inside, abandoning their many suitcases in the middle of the room.

              “Home sweet home,” said Rose as she flung herself onto the bed in the middle of the row.

              “I bags the bed on Rose’s left,” cried Olivia, sticking her tongue out at the other girls.

              “I’m on the right,” screamed Isabella as she dove onto the plush covers, her skirt riding up as she did so.

              “Window bed,” shouted Ava who had skipped over to it and fallen back onto the feather-filled pillows. “And nice butt, Bella,” she said cheekily.

The walls had been painted a pale lilac color which gave the room a comforting glow. Against one wall was a row of four beds, each decked out with linen sheets and colorful throws. The opposite wall had a door leading to the en suite bathroom, soon to be a messy sight, make-up and face washes piled around the sink. The adjacent wall on the left to the bathroom had a circular window with a cushioned seat. In the room there was also a white leather sofa, a wooden desk resting on a colorful woven rug, and a small chest of drawers for each of the girls in the room. The wall opposite the one with the window had the girls ‘front door’, which led to the hallway outside.

As the girls lay back on their beds, exhaustion washing over them, a knock came at the door.

              “Dinner at six,” came an unfamiliar voice. The girls all burst out laughing for no apparent reason. They all agreed that it was good to be back together again, muffling their laughs as the voice came back warning, “Girls.”

Olivia jumped off her bed first saying she’d only be a few minutes in the bathroom but the other girls knew she was underestimating how long it would take her. “What a princess,” teased Isabella, as Olivia emerged from the small room ten minutes later and still not completely finished getting ready. The others were already by the door and started to leave as Olivia hopped out into the hallway, still trying to shove her boots on her feet as she moved.  

They walked out of their bedroom and down the carpeted hallway, pulling the door closed behind them. The wallpaper was a pinky-beige color, the same as the carpet, and was patterned with fading floral designs. Along the walls were lamps which gave the hallway a warm and cozy feeling. When the hallway came to an end, they sashayed down the grand staircase, a sparkling chandelier above them, and made their entrance into the dining room. All heads turned to see who had entered and many turned away after realizing it was no one special. They walked past many tables until they came to ‘their table’ which was a round oak one in one of the far corners.

“It’s great to see all of you back together again for another year,” started Ms. Bradgelynn, the headmistress, clasping her hands together in front of her. “I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are ready to start learning again.” The noise in the room started to get louder as the food was brought into the dining room and Ms. Bradgelynn, aware of the girls’ restlessness, finished off saying, “I trust you will all welcome all of our new students this year and make them feel at home, thank you, that is all.”

              “I’m starving!” whispered Ava to the other girls.

              ‘Tell me about it. I haven’t eaten since lunch,” groaned Isabella.

Rose turned around as a plate of steaming potatoes and roast chicken was set down

in front of her. Olivia’s stomach rumbled next to her and she laughed, shaking her head jokingly. After everyone had been served their food, she turned to Olivia.

              “Have you seen any of the new girls?”

              “Nope, they’re probably sucking up to Arabella.”

              “Ha! I bet you’re right. Where is she anyway?”

              “Not sure, but she’ll be here somewhere.”

              “We have so much to catch up on,” announced Ava, “who wants to start?”

              “I will!”

              “Blow us away Bella.”

As the girls munched their dinners hungrily, they gave each other the juicy details of their summer trips, from tanning on the beach to crushing on the good-looking waiters and lifeguards.

Rose was the last one to be asked about what she did, “What about you Rosey?” asked Olivia.

“I didn’t do much. Well, there was this one guy…,” she teased.

              “Tell us more!” shrieked Ava.

              “We just hung out over the summer, he was the son of one of my parent’s friends. Nothing really happened but we had loads of fun.”

Ava complained again about her no-boys holiday but Rose reassured her that she’d be sure to meet someone whilst at school.

              “I doubt it, we’re at an all girls school for goodness sake.”

              “We still have our weekends though, and I’m sure that-” Olivia was interrupted by the ringing of the school bell. “Dinner’s over, let’s head up to bed,” she said instead and the others agreed, suddenly feeling extremely tired.


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