Her Name is Rose

This story is about teenage girl, Rose, who goes to a boarding school in New York. She falls in love with the mysterious Julian, but he isn't who he says he is. Rose lives in a world full of secrets that threaten to change the life she lives in America.


3. Chapter Three


“Wake up, sleepy head!”

              “Is that you Liv?”

“Yes, you are honored with my presence this fine morning.”

              “Well if you would get off of me, I could bow down to you, my majesty.”

Olivia laughed and got off of Rose, who instantly pulled the covers over her head and tried to fall back to sleep. Her efforts were not successful because as soon as the other girls realized what she was planning to do, three pillows came flying at Rose’s sleeping lump in the bed. “Arrgghh,” she shrieked in response to the ambush, and flung her legs out of the side of the bed.

              “Wooo! She’s up!” cheered the other girls, breaking into laughter at the sight of Rose’s messy hair.

              “What a way to wake up,” she groaned sleepily, running a hairbrush through her hair. “How long do I have?”

              “About five minutes,” said Isabella, having just glanced at her phone, laughing at Rose’s horrified face. Rose picked up her pace immediately and was out of the door with 10 seconds to spare. “I think I deserve a medal,” she sighed, as they walked down the spiraling staircase to breakfast.

The four girls enjoyed a delicious breakfast of fried eggs and golden brown toast, washed down with a glass from a variety of fresh juices to choose from. After breakfast, they went to assembly where Ms. Bradgelynn spoke to the seniors about the forthcoming events. Much to the dismay of the students, she launched into one of her lectures, making it clear that if they wanted to shop on the day of the dance, there would be a schedule in the front hall for signing in and out.

“If anyone is late back, they will have to spend Sunday in school, assisting any teachers that might need it,” mimicked Rose as they left the Assembly Room, perfecting the Head’s voice

              “I can’t wait to go to the new boutique in town!” squealed Olivia as the seniors poured out of the room around them.

              “It’s only Monday, Liv, we still have a whole week to suffer through, but I can’t wait either.”

              “Rosy, after English class let’s pick up the schedule to see what time our dorm can leave the school.”

              “Speaking of English, we’d better hurry! Bella, Ava, we’ll see you at lunch and can start discussing plans for Saturday.”

After a morning of classes, the four friends sat down at their usual table for a light lunch of soup and warm bread, fresh fruit once they had finished. The atmosphere in the senior side of the room was buzzing with excitement and preparations for the coming weekend. Isabella plunked herself down in one of the chairs and turned to face Rose.

              “Did you check the schedule? What time can we leave on Saturday?”

              “We have from noon until six o’clock.”

              ‘Then we can shower, dress, and accessorize before the dance starts at nine,” Olivia piped up.

              “It’s going to be an amazing evening!” said Ava.

              “We are going to look amazing!” smiled Rose, tucking into her lunch.

Later that evening, after everyone had eaten dinner, the girls retired to their dorm room. The stained-glass windows high on the wall showed the changing colour of the sky, what had been a darkening blue when they’d gone for dinner was now almost blue. After dinner meant work, and they were all reminded that the holidays were over and it was time to get down to business.

              “I don’t get this French homework at all,” complained Ava.

              “Don’t ask me, I take Spanish,” said Rose.

              “Ugh I can’t believe we were given homework on the first day back!” groaned Olivia.

“Guys, be quiet, I only have a few more pages of this English book left and then I can re-lax,” said Isabella, kicking her feet up onto the ottoman as if to make it clear just how near she was to finishing.

              “blahbadiblahdidadada,” shouted Rose jokingly, screaming with laughter when Isabella gave her the most disgusting look and chucked the pink cushion she had been leaning against at her unsuspecting and tongue-waggling friend.

As soon as the last sentence had been written, the last question answered, and the last page read, the girls threw down their books and started gossiping.     “I’m going to put on my pajamas,” announced Ava, heading for the bathroom.

              “I’m next!” called Isabella.

              “I’ll just strip here,” teased Rose. The others raised their eyebrows and as if to prove her point, she pulled her top over her head and started to change in the middle of the room. Olivia looked away laughing but everyone knew that Rose was beautiful.
The bathroom light was on and the door slightly ajar which gave each of their faces an eerie glow. One of the mistresses knocked on the door to check that they were all in bed and Rose, who had been chosen at the end of the previous school year to be the dorm leader, assured the teacher that they were all in bed with the main lights off. As soon as they heard the woman’s footsteps shuffling away down the corridor, the whispering started up again.

              “I’m not tired at all,” whispered Rose to Olivia, who was lying in the bed on her left.

              “Go to sleep Rosey Posey, you’ll be tired in the morning, and I’m sure you don’t want me jumping on you again.”

              “Damm right I don’t. And Liv?”


              “I hate that nickname.”

Olivia just giggled and replied “Night Miss. Posey,” turning over to face the wall. The others stopped whispering moments later and soon they were all flat out asleep. 

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