Never let her go

The one dream you will have with one direction. You will never get over it!!


6. The date

"Are you ready sweet cheeks?" "yes one second!" I yell I'm wearing this short ruffled dress that isn't too much with silver flats. When I walk into his room he is wearing a v-neck and jeans "man you look hot!" Niall says I quickly blush and say "you too!" He had a limo arranged for us and that will take us to a beach were we have dinner on a boat. He orders himself a steak and I order a salad. "Not hungry eh?" He says "no not really I don't get hungry at night." That night while we are eating we talk about our life and how it's going. "Do you wanna go outside? You know on the deck and look at the stars?" "Sure!" I say and we go he's holding my hand and I follow him. He takes me to a round outside bed and we just lay there watching the stars and talking. "This night is amazing!" I say and leans on his shoulders. He kisses me on the head and I fall into a light sleep so I could hear him and he whispers something- "can you be my girlfriend?" He asks. "I look at him blushing and say the four words I said before "I would love that!" And then we just look at the stars and fall asleep. 

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