Never let her go

The one dream you will have with one direction. You will never get over it!!


2. The beginning

There we were me and my two best friends had a blast. We sung fortune teller by maroon 5. We were trying out for a contest. When you were totally frightened. The prize was spend a whole week with one direction at a cabin. We were 20. Everyone said I had an amazing voice. I guess I just have never heard myself sing. My two best friends were Allison and Brooke. Their big fans of one direction. There the girls up with Drool over them even if they had the very backseats in one of their concerts. And then it happened! We made it past the first round!! There are three rounds in this contest. There were 30 groups that tried out but 15 had to go home. That meant where one of the 15 groups that made it an even 15 groups closer to meeting one direction. The next round was seeing one of their songs. Like I said I wasn't a big fan but I guess I like some other songs. We decided to seeing the best song ever buy one direction. Then later that night we would see he went home. Will we make it? Everyone was wondering but no one knows.

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