Never let her go

The one dream you will have with one direction. You will never get over it!!


4. The airport

We went to the airport on May 25. We went in spring so we didn't have to miss school. We are going to see 1Direction for one week and at the end being a concert with them!! When we finally got to London onedirection was there to meet us in this huge limo! Or stay we were going to shopping big city with them! There were lots of fans!!! Anyway were going to the cabin when we saw there were two more girls which were Louise's and Zany's girlfriends. Then I realized something... Niall was staring at me with this huge smile! He knew I noticed him because I was blushing like crazy! "You have very beautiful eyes" said Niall I blushed even harder and said "thanks I like your too." When we got to the cabin we found out there were only for rooms. Me Allison and Brooke shared a room while everyone else got situated. I put on a beautiful and comfy sundress on to make it look like I'm not such a boy and went on the back porch to look at the beautiful lake behind us. Since I first met Niall today I guess I had a huge crush on him because I couldn't stop thinking about him. Then he walks outside "since we have nothing planned tonight I was wondering... Will u go out tonight with me? I known it's fast and we just met and all but every since I laid my eyes on you I have had a huge crush on you." I blush. I'm just staring at him with this huge grin. I'm completely speechless. Why am I not saying anything?? Then I open my mouth and say the magical 4 words "I wold love that!" "Great! I'll get a car ready at six?" "Sure I'll get something cute to were." He leaves. I'm just looking at the lake and I notice something... This will be an amazing week!


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