Never let her go

The one dream you will have with one direction. You will never get over it!!


5. Getting ready

"I have 3 hours till my date with Niall!" I say Brooke and Allison still can't believe I have a date with the Niall Horan. Then Brooke says something "me and Harry have a date tonight to!" We scream Niall and Harry pike their heads in the door way "everything okay in here?" They both say. I'm straightening my hair and Niall just blurts out "wow. That's hot!" I blush like a tomato. Again completely speechless! Then I say " look at your self! Now that's hot stuff!" I can't believe I just said that! I look at Niall and he laughs. I laugh to then he says- "I'll leave so you can get ready" then walks away. Allison is staring and I can tell she is confused "how do you do that?" "What?" I say "talk to boys like that!" All I say is one thing- "confidence."

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