It's Just Casual

Being single is lonely. But being in a relationship is too complicated and you risk being hurt. What if..we kept it casual?


4. Late Night....Presents?

As I pulled up to my house it was just about 10 pm. I was a little tired but not sleepy. Pulling into the garage I got out, locked the car and went inside. 

I stretched letting out a huge yawn now feeling exhausted. So instead of sticking to my plan of watching a movie on the couch , I went upstairs to go lay down.

Walking into my room I jumped at the sudden vibration from my phone in my back pocket. I took it out seeing I had four missed texts from an unfamiliar number:

Hey beautiful :)
Did you get home safe?
If so remember don't forget tomorrow @ 1
Well goodnight <3

I sat at the end of my bed, responding back: 

Umm Collin how in the hell did you get my number ?! 
And I didn't forget trust me.

I sent the messages flopping back on my bed. Before I knew it my eyes started closing until sleep consumed my body.


The sound of the doorbell being rung over and over and over again jolted me out of my sleep. I looked at my clock: 3:45 am. Wtf! Who could be at my door this freakin early.

I got out of bed and made my way downstairs, then looked out the window next to the door. No one. No one was there. The screeching of tires could be heard less than a mile away. I opened the door looking around then I found a box laying at my bare feet. I picked it up bringing it inside, slamming the door shut. 

"What is this?"

The box was a golden color with a pretty silver bow on top. A present I'm guessing. But there wasn't a card on it. I shrugged then left the box by the front door, went back upstairs and back to sleep I went.

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