It's Just Casual

Being single is lonely. But being in a relationship is too complicated and you risk being hurt. What if..we kept it casual?


3. Collin

The name is Collin Anthony Michaels. Yeah it's different from most names you hear but oh well, live with it. 

Ive lived in California since I was three. Before that I was in Australia, and it was very beautiful there as well. So you can say that I've been on and around the beach life forever. 

I'm 17 and a little sister name Emilee , she's only 4 turning 5 in a few weeks. My parents are real close even though my dad has to go away on business a few days at a time. We learned to deal with it since he calls...a lot hah.

Lets see... I have three dogs (1 big, 2 little). I know just about...everyone here and I'm a partier. I go to them and I through them. You could say that I'm the party king..or not lol

Alright now something a little serious. There is this girl, idk her name yet, but I can tell you that she's gorgeous. She's not from around here but I know that she'll fit right in. I'm taking her out tomorrow and hopefully she will come. If not then ill just go to her. 

Is there anything I'm leaving out?... Hmmm I don't think so. Oh well, if there is I'll tell you about it later. OH WAIT ! I didn't mention one thing. My ex Victoria, she is still very close to me. Sometimes I don't think she realizes that we are broken up. She is this sexy latina chick I dated less than a year ago before I caught her with my friend Connor. Me and him are cool now but not as close as we were. 

I don't think Victoria will take a liking to the new girl as much as I'm starting to....did I just say that?

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