It's Just Casual

Being single is lonely. But being in a relationship is too complicated and you risk being hurt. What if..we kept it casual?


2. Beach w/ A Stranger

I hoped in my 1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible and made my way down to Venice beach. By this time there shouldn't be many people there so I should have some alone time in my own space. 

Pulling my Ray Bans onto block the sun out of my eyes, I sat back and enjoyed the fresh California air flowing through my hair. The song 'Timber' by Kesha ft. Pitbull came on and I cranked up the volume singing along.

"It's going down, I'm yelling Timber. You better move, you better dance."

I pulled up to a stop light, turning down the music as a car pulled up beside mine. Resting my arm on the door waiting for the light to turn, I felt someone was staring at me. I didn't dare turn my head to see if they were or not, so I kept my eyes straight ahead. 


After a 15-20 minute ride, I finally made it to the beach. I turned my car off and got out stretching. The sight of the beach was breathtaking. The waves crashed onto the shore in a perfect rhythm. I couldn't wait to feel the sand between my toes and the suns rays on my face.

Smiling, I removed my shoes and walked onto the beach. The sand was still warm and I loved it so ! I sat down and leaned back, having my arms as a support. 

A sudden dark shadow seemed to block the sun. I knew it wasn't dark already because it didn't feel like it. Whoever it was cleared their throat to get my attention. I ignored them. They seemed to move because I once again felt the sun against my skin. I exhaled deeply in relaxation. Then I felt like someone was next to me and they were staring. 

I didn't dare to look at them hoping they'll get the message and go away.

"So you're just gonna ignore me." A deep but sexy voice said "Not very polite" 

They chuckled and I swear I felt butterflies. Not because I was nervous but because it was the most attractive laugh ever. I reached up taking my sunglasses off and looked over at one of the hottest guys I've seen in my life. I hid the huge smile that was going to appear.

"Who are you? Why are you next to me? & What do you want?" I asked in a single breathe
"The name is Collin. Because you are very attractive and I wanted to possibly get to know you" he smirked "You're not from around here are you?"
I got nervous thinking he might've noticed my faint but kinda clear accent "Why do you think that?"
"Well.." He started "I know just about everyone that lives in this part of Cali and I haven't seen you before. Trust me I'd remember a face like yours"

I stood up, dusting the excess sand off my shirt and shorts. I then looked at him and tilted my head a little "No.. I'm not from around here. I moved two weeks ago."
He stood up also, making me realize that he's much taller than me "Well then gorgeous how about you let me show you around. Tomorrow?"
I pondered the offer in my head then said "Sure" 
"Great" he now had a huge smile on his face and handed me a piece of paper from his back pocket "Meet me here tomorrow @ 1" 
"You just so happen to have this in your pocket?"
"A guy had to be prepared just in case you would agree."

We both laughed and then said our goodbyes, heading our own way.

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