Loving Nesto


3. school

Caleigh's P.O.V

I woke up knowing what I was gonna where today. I put on a hot pink corset and skinny jeans with a pair of Jordan's. I went downstairs and saw Aubrey he didn't look to bad, our parents looked at us and go "time for school get out".

Aubrey- what are your first three classes? "Spanish, advanced math, and gym"

Caleigh- what about you? "French, advanced language arts, and art"

Alright well I'll see you at home. I walked to my locker and saw this girl and her locker was right next to mine. Hi I'm caleigh and you are? "Josie". Turns out Josie and I have every class together.

Josie- So where did you come from? "Brooklyn"

So who are the cute guys in this school? "Jayden (my boyfriend), Nesto, Josh, Chris, and Bryce."

Josie- he look there is Nesto right there talking to that new kid.

That's my brother, what do you think they are talking about? "I don't know"

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