Confessions Of A Fangirl

A fangirls confessions book.
Always happy to add co-authors, take requests and put in your confessions! ~Raven and Ahlaam and Hermione


44. The Lanuage Of Fangirls

AHHHHHH- someone got something to do with the fangirls fandom wrong

OMGOMGOMG- something new to do with the fandom had be released

You are dead to me- someone just dissed/expressed dislike for the fandom

OMG I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!!!- what happens when the fangirl finds another member of the fandom

I need some alone time- the fangirl wants to spend some time with her fandom


The definition of a fangirl


A section of the human race that know everything about a certain

band/film/show/series/brand and freaks out over everything to

do with it.

Related words: fanboy, fandom, fangirling, fanfiction, fan



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