Cupid's Match

Just wanted to make sure you know this is a 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER movella. Just wanted you to make sure you wanna read it.


1. going to tha partayyy!!!

Elisabeth POV

Tori convinced me to got to some party at a hotel so now we are at the mall looking for dresses. Tori is more of a tom-boy but I told her she would look nice in a pretty dress. "What about this one?" she asked holding up a knee length navy blue dress without sleeves. "It's pretty, go try it on," I said. She put it on and looked awesome. "That's perfect!" I said. I was looking through the racks when I saw a light blue and white dress with sparkles all over it. It was a little above knee length and was sleeveless. I tried it in and looked AWESOME!!!!!!! I came put and showed tori and she told me to buy it. So I did. We drove home and got ready.

-an hour later-

we got in the car to start driving there. "Do you think Luke will be there?" She asked. "I doubt it" I said sadly. Luke was my friend in Sydney, Australia. I had to move when I was 9 and we never saw each other again. I used to have a thick, and high pitched Australian accent, but I've lived in L.A. So long it had faded to an American accent. I'm still 100% Australian though. :-). I always had a crush in him but I never wanted to tell him because I knew he wouldn't like me. He is in a band called 5 Seconds of Summer and they are awesome! "Hey, don't feel bad," tori said as we pulled up to the… Hotel? Weird but ok. We walked down to this set of double doors. We could hear Sleazy by Ke$ha starting to play. It one of my faves so I kinda danced and Tori looked at me and laughed. I grabbed her hand an spun her around. "What are you doing?" She said laughing. "I don't know" I said. We went and sat on the stage. "Can you two Handel the dj equipment?" Some guy asked. "Sure," I said and walked up to the stuff. Luckily my dad taught me how to work it. I started playing talk dirty by Jason derulo. Everyone looked happier for some odd reason. I don't know what. We both started dancing really randomly. It was pretty funny. Anyway. We stood there and talked for about 20 mins.

HEY!!! Here is a new movella. I'm bored so I finished part of this in class. Lol bye!!

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