first love in the new world

its story about a girl whose excited about her sweet 16 but she didn't know one surprise would change her life upside down


2. worst birthday gift ever


Me and Sid talked for awhile and he asked me out. then Shanaya and Ashley came and asked "how did it go?? what were you guys talking about" i smiled and said "you guys will never believe it Sid just asked me out" Ashley started jumping and said "oh my god!! you are going on a date with Sid" i just nodded. Shanaya said "i thought you weren't interested in the guy" "you know he isn't that bad as i thought" my mother came and said "honey, i think we should cut the cake" i took a sip of my drink and said "okay mom" there was my birthday cake . it was a seven layer cake with seven different flavors.

everyone started singing the birthday song and i cut my cake. everyone was there expect one person that i haven't seen since morning my dad. i just couldn't believe it my best man wasn't there on my birthday. where the hell he was. i walked towards my mum "mom wheres dad" my mom looked a little worried when i asked her about dad. my mom said "he just had a little bit work to do" later that night everyone was going back home as it getting late. i said goodbye ton Shanaya and Ashley. Sid came towards me and said "happy birthday once again Ayana" i blushed and said "thank you" "so see you tomorrow at the date" "okay".

i went inside my house and saw my dad fighting on phone with someone. "dad is everything alright" "yeah ever-things fine honey" my looked down and said "Ayana your mom and i need to give you something" it was a birthday present. i stand up and said "dad another gift for me thank you" my dad got said and said "its not from us. its actually from Mr. Mark Shepard" i looked at my dad confusingly "whose he i never heard of him" my dad looked at mom and said  "honey actually i need to tell you something" "what is it dad???" "honey look we aren't your real parents Mr. Mark and his wife are. we adopted you when you were a little kid. I and Mr. Mark make a deal to keep it a secret" tears were flowing down my cheeks "then why are you telling me now" my dad sniffled "because he had taken your custody from now" i looked my dad with puffy eyes and said "dad just tell me its a lie or a bad dream or a prank. did i do something wrong dad cause if you you are punishing me like this its the worst way " "no honey its reality and we need to face it"

i just didn't want to hear anything more i ran towards my room and locked the door. my dad and mom shouting "Ayana just listen honey" i ignored them. i didn't no what to or what to do the rest of the night i just cried and cried and thought it was the worst birthday gift i have ever got by my parents. i was having who was this guy Mr Mark??? does that mean i have to leave my parents and live with him actually hes my dad. but i don't wanna believe anything that today. i just want to wake up next day and want everything to be normal again.     


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