Scream If You Want To Go Faster

The people of Fără Nume are cold and callous towards Jakob. To them, he's a freak. Whenever fear encases Jakob, Niklaus is there. Leave it to Jakob's brutal imagination to come up with something just as violent as the villagers of Fără Nume.
Niklaus thinks that they should kill them all. Jakob knows better...and then people go missing.

For The 'Who Framed Klaris Cliff?' Writing Competition *runner up of the 'Who Framed Klaris Cliff' Writing Competition :D*


2. Those Worthy Of Death

Cool, crystalline blue. Dark, stormy grey. Two pairs of chocolate brown. Green lasers, cutting through to my core.

All were dull, cold and empty.

Why? What was wrong with them?

I looked at the piercing, dead green eyes again. Raoul. He looked fearful. His eyes a cruel mockery of what mine were moments ago when he and his friends were breaking my bones.

“Raoul, what’s going on?” I asked puzzled.

I was grateful that the pain in my leg and hand had stopped, but how? They were… broken?

Shut up and get up.

Niklaus… what’re are you-?

Silence. Get up and go now.

I can't... My legs, they're- 

Scorching heat exploded inside me, moving swiftly up my spine. I felt like I was being burned alive. Blistering warmth coiled around my heart, constricting like a snake, tighter and tighter. My heartbeat quickened beating hard and fast.

Thud, thud, thud.

It was like acid boiling me from the inside. The intensity increased. I felt faint. Agonising pain raked through my body.

Burning, burning.

STOP! I-I'm s-sorry.

Be quiet and get up Jakob, his voice an angry growl.

Shaken and disorientated, I stood. Niklaus’s snarling voice frightened me. I didn’t want to anger him.

The moment I rose, I almost wished I hadn’t.

Headless cadavers lay bent and twisted, strew across the alley. Bits of their skin had been ripped off and you could see the top part of their spinal cords hanging out of their necks. Bile rose in my throat but I kept it down. Being sick would only anger him. I clenched my fists. Why did my hand feel wet? Looking down at it, I saw thick, dark red liquid ooze out of a small, soft object, coating each of my fingers. My fingers unlocked from their tight grip… and out fell a heart.

That was your favourite part; ripping out Raoul’s heart. It was mine too I guess… you wanted to go after the whole town you know Jakob. You wanted the paint the streets red with their blood. And you will. Soon Jakob, soon.

You’re wrong…

Am I?

Flashes of bright white light clouded my vision and Niklaus showed me the events that had taken place just moments before.

There were not silent pear shaped tears streaming gently down their faces, instead they were wet with bloody salt water. Dry racking sobs echoed around us as each begged us to stop. They lost their lives… quickly.

When it was Raoul’s turn to be ripped to shreds he began crawling away from us, crying hysterically. We strode towards him, a cruel and twisted smile on our face.

The swift punch to his gut sent our hand slicing through his skin – being merged together gave us immense strength. His eyes watered with sheer agonising pain as he tried to writhe away from us, clutching his body. Sweat inched down his face mixing with the blood and tears. We ripped our hand out and inched up his body. We soon hovered over his heart.

“Please,” he croaked.

“No one to hear you now Raoul,” we hissed.


“STOP IT!” I bellowed angrily. How dare he show me that… that monstrous act?

But Jakob that was you. You're the monster.

“No. I’m not.”

I rarely ever spoke to Niklaus out loud, let alone in such a forceful manner.

You liked it though didn’t you? He laughed arrogantly. Little Jakob has a taste for the wild side. You’ll get your fair share of bloodletting and slaughter later.

You’re… you’re wrong.                                                                                          

Maybe, but I don’t think so. Besides even if you don’t like it, I do Jakob and I’ll be damned if I let you stop me. See how you weaken and become a timid, whining brat when you return to speaking to me in your head? You’ll do the same when I want to rip out someones throat; when I want to kill another Raoul. You’ll do as I say.


His arrogant laughter sounded again.

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