Scream If You Want To Go Faster

The people of Fără Nume are cold and callous towards Jakob. To them, he's a freak. Whenever fear encases Jakob, Niklaus is there. Leave it to Jakob's brutal imagination to come up with something just as violent as the villagers of Fără Nume.
Niklaus thinks that they should kill them all. Jakob knows better...and then people go missing.

For The 'Who Framed Klaris Cliff?' Writing Competition *runner up of the 'Who Framed Klaris Cliff' Writing Competition :D*


4. Take A Bow


Dark, twisted and callous heat twisted through me. I hated when he showed me what I was before. When he showed me how much the town hated me before.

Mother... Could I even call her that anymore? I knew that she was part of me. When I'd killed her had I killed a part of me?

But damn it! He didn't have to show me that.

Niklaus. My beloved bastard. My burden. My soul. I couldn't live without him. He was all I had.


Somewhere far away...

"Jakob's a creep. I heard he after killed his mother he ate her heart!" Katya squealed.

There was a collective 'ew' from the children surrounding the girl.

The little girls eyes widened as her story became more elaborate. "And then he beheaded her and ran around Fără Nume with it."

"That's a dirty lie Katya!"

The children turned towards the sound of the voice. An orphan with dark hair, a heart shaped face and soft brown eyes met the children's steely glares.

"Shut up Nadia. What do you know?" Katya sneered.

"It's not nice to spread lies like that you don't know what happened to his mama."

The girl gave a cruel laugh. "Who are you going to tell? Your parents? Oh yeah that's right, you don't have any!"

The children began to laugh. Nadia felt so alone... as she always did. It wouldn't always be that way.

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