Scream If You Want To Go Faster

The people of Fără Nume are cold and callous towards Jakob. To them, he's a freak. Whenever fear encases Jakob, Niklaus is there. Leave it to Jakob's brutal imagination to come up with something just as violent as the villagers of Fără Nume.
Niklaus thinks that they should kill them all. Jakob knows better...and then people go missing.

For The 'Who Framed Klaris Cliff?' Writing Competition *runner up of the 'Who Framed Klaris Cliff' Writing Competition :D*


7. Nadia... Niklaus?

The little girl skipped along the shore picking up sea shells as she did. A group of children were skipping rocks. They bounced against the water. Laughing at nothing in particular she carried on walking.

Suddenly one of the rocks hit her hard in the head. She winced and turned towards the guffawing children. They thought it was funny?

She would make them laugh. She skipped towards them singing a made up tune.

'Scream if you want to go faster... scream if you want to go faster..."


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