Scream If You Want To Go Faster

The people of Fără Nume are cold and callous towards Jakob. To them, he's a freak. Whenever fear encases Jakob, Niklaus is there. Leave it to Jakob's brutal imagination to come up with something just as violent as the villagers of Fără Nume.
Niklaus thinks that they should kill them all. Jakob knows better...and then people go missing.

For The 'Who Framed Klaris Cliff?' Writing Competition *runner up of the 'Who Framed Klaris Cliff' Writing Competition :D*


1. Let Me OUT


Shards of panic scraped down my spine. Every pain filled step I took forced another inch of fear into my body.

"Freak! Loner! Loser!" They chanted on and on, throwing rocks at me. I ran as fast as I could, screaming for help along the way.

Five of them chasing after me. Hunters after their prey.

It did no good. No one wanted to help me. I was the aberration of nature that haunted the town. Twisting and turning down alleyways I soon came to a dead end, caught like a rat in a trap.

“There you are, you little bastard. Did you really think you could get away from us?” Raoul sneered.

My vision clouded when he spat in my eye. It didn’t blur the biting pain of the stones that cut through my skin. It was quiet when Raoul and his goons moved towards me backing me against the hard brick wall. It was as though their stones were keeping me prisoner as well.

No escape.

The punch to my gut left me winded. Cold air coiled around me but seemed to be purposely avoiding my lungs. It looked as though even nature had turned her back on me. I laughed bitterly to myself as I tried to sit up, gasping for air. When oxygen returned my body burned. As I struggled futilely; I knew I was powerless and more importantly they knew it too. They were going to beat me to a pulp… or worse.

Raoul lifted his foot and brought it down hard on my leg. The sharp snapping sound of it breaking cracked the icy silence. My ear piercing cry didn't deter them from beating me again and again.

Jakob… let me out. I can help you, you know I can.

No! I’m not going to let you-

Another member of the violent gang came over and bent my index finger until a harsh crack sounded. So did my cry of agony.

Jakob, I will not die here.

Be quiet!

Jakob… let. Me. OUT.

I said no.

Too late…

I screamed a lot that night; just not as much as they did.

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