Scream If You Want To Go Faster

The people of Fără Nume are cold and callous towards Jakob. To them, he's a freak. Whenever fear encases Jakob, Niklaus is there. Leave it to Jakob's brutal imagination to come up with something just as violent as the villagers of Fără Nume.
Niklaus thinks that they should kill them all. Jakob knows better...and then people go missing.

For The 'Who Framed Klaris Cliff?' Writing Competition *runner up of the 'Who Framed Klaris Cliff' Writing Competition :D*


5. Hunt

We walked through the market, their eyes watching our every move.

Why did they hate us?

What had we done so wrong that they would isolate us? How could they be so cold? So cruel? History had taught me that I could only rely on myself... and Niklaus. And now he wanted to kill them all. I couldn't do that. no matter how hard they had made my life.

You must Jakob. It's the only way. They'll keep us apart. They'll make you alone again. D'you really want to feel that way? Cold and empty... I can keep you safe and warm Jakob. Me and only me.

Then let's run away from here. We can be free.

The only way we can be free is if we destroy those that took from us. You must listen to me-

The sound of crying distracted me from Niklaus' orders. Slowly I began to make my way towards the soft mewling noise. I came across a girl a little younger than me.

Her face was stained with tears, red welts and bruises. She hugged her knees tightly to her chest as though she was still in danger. With Niklaus around, she was. I knew her; Nadia.

"P-please don't h-hurt me." Her body shook frantically and her lip quivered.

I was afraid to speak in case Niklaus decided to do so for me so I shook my head to let her know that I wouldn't. The girl frowned a peered at my face again. What did she see? A boy... or a monster?

"You're Jakob."

She knew who I was. I backed away. If she was seen with me, her parents would kill me. Her parents... the town. Everyone was against me. Even this girl. Especially this girl.

Which is why we must kill her. Kill them all.

"Look! There they are!" A shrill voice yelled.

A flock of children came marching towards us, menace in their eyes. I looked at the girl beside me betrayal ran through me straight to my heart. She must've set me up.

Trust no one but me Jakob.

I ran.

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