Born To Play

Raj Singhania, the cool cassanova has never faced rejection by girls. His friends keep throwing challenges at him which he, always emerges victorious. He's taken aback when he loses a bet and faces rejection, both for the first time in his life, when a simple but strong headed girl Aditi Mehra enters his college, and dosent give a damn to his antics. Prokoved, he makes another bet that he will make Aditi his girlfriend before the end of the term. What he dosent know is that Aditi already knows about the bet and decides to play his own game on him. And then, the chase begins!


2. The big bet

Raj's POV:

I got up a little hungover, with a terrible headache. Damn! Why did I drink so much last night?
I heard my phone buzzing, Ronnie's name flashing on the screen.

"Where are you man? Not in college?" His loud voice was currently aching to my ears.

I put my hand on my head "My head is bursting terribly man! Cant even talk right now!"

"Hangover! Why do you drink so much if you cant handle your drinks? huh" There was concern in his voice but right now, the last thing I wanted was to listen to his lecture. I came straight to the point "Why did you call Ron? Anything important?"

His voice sounded excited now "Oh Yaa.. just called to remind you of the fresher's party tonight. You're coming right?"

"Of course I am! Do you think I'll miss such a party?" That was more of a statement than a question. And moreover, fresher's party means, we officially get a chance to mingle with the new hotties of the college. I obviously cant be missing such a chance.


"Hey Raj! This way!" My friends waved at me and I made my way to the group.

"Hey guys, hows it going?" I asked grabbing the bottle of coke Sid was offering me.

"Pretty Boring until now."

I scanned through the room, watching some people dancing to the music, some talking among themselves, and some newbies, keeping just to themselves, maybe finding it difficult to gel in the crowd. "Its kinda -"


Someone bumped into me from behind, spilling the coke on my jacket. "Dammit! Cant you see and walk?" I yelled, turning around to see the culprit. My eyes met the most beautiful face I had seen. I noticed she had worn minimal amount of make-up yet managed to look much more prettier than the other girls. I instantly felt attracted to her but soon recalling what she had just done, I snapped back from my momentary stance and noticed she was glaring straight back at me.

I snapped my fingers at her "Hey you stop glaring at me like that. Look what you've - "

"If you stand at the doorway like that, people will bump into you." She said coolly.

"What the hell! You spoiled my clothes and still you've got the guts to argue?"

"I didnt spoil your clothes. It wasnt my fault if you were holding a drink." She said and  without even waiting for my reply, brushed past me.
It kinda hurt my ego that she didnt even give me a second look before walking away. Not that I was interested in her, but still, Never has any girl managed to do that.

"Woah! So there can also be a girl who can walk past the player. Impressive." Sid's sarcasm only irked me more. So even he noticed that.
Varun added to it "Yeahh! Whatever happened to Raj's Magic Charm!"  I rolled my eyes, irritated, and made my way to the washroom to clean the mess she just created.

When I came back, the little incident was still a hot topic of discussion. "Chuck it guys! Its not such a big deal" I said, trying to avoid the topic and diverting my attention to the pretty new hotties.

"I bet you Raj, this girl is not going to fall for your charms." Varun said. This guy just needs an excuse to put me down.

"Huh! No girl in the world can resist me for long, my friend. And this girl is no exception." I bragged, confident that sooner or later, whether she accepts it or not, but ultimately, like any other girl, she will fall for me.

"Its official then. I bet you. 100bucks." he said.

"What? 100bucks! I'm not wasting my evening for that. Not happening." I'm sure I sounded pretty pissed off.

"Ok then 500 seems good?" Sid suggested.


"Thats too much!" Varun argued.

"Back off then" I shrugged.

Ronnie somehow wasnt looking happy seeing where this was heading "Chuck it guys. She seems like a decent girl. I mean just look at her. I dont think its good to drag her into all this. We have so many other options to bet on, right?" He had a point though, but there was no way I could eat my words now.

"Ok done" Varun announced. Someone's just too over-confident, that too for a girl, who none of us knew anything about. Good for me though!

I glanced at Ronnie, who was still looking disappointed "Its ok Ron. A bet is a bet. And I cant let myself down now. Right?"

He gave me a crooked smile and I turned to take my first step towards my goal for tonight.

Aditi's POV:

I was talking to Simran on the phone at the party, trying to figure out where they were. I was walking mindlessly and didnt even realize when I bumped into someone. When he turned back, I stood there stunned, staring at his flawless face! He was the most famous guy of our college - Raj Singhania, a second year student, and a big time player, well, people say so. I've seen him a couple of times in college, but this was the first time I had come face-to-face with him. My eyes refused to look away from his deep brown eyes, which sort of mesmerized me for the moment. So the girls who drool over him arent totally wrong! I wasnt the type of girl who stared at guys, but this time, I just couldnt resist myself doing that.

He snapped his fingers, taking me out of my stance. I got a bit irritated when he started to yell at me, so I just gave it back to him and walked off.

I finally located my group  and walked towards them. Nidhi and Vivek were just chilling eating the snacks, while Simram, Abhi and Divya had already attacked the dance floor. I just stood there, with a glass of soft drink, randomly looking at the people around me.

Some moments later, I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned to look up. It was Raj, smiling at me.  My eyes sort of widened when I saw him, I mean, why would a guy as famous as him, feel the need to come and talk to me? I wasnt even that famous and all. Nor was I like those barbie-doll type girls loaded with make-up and all, the ones who he's always seen with. Whatever. I shall soon come to know. I still tried to maintain as normal a face I could. 

"Hi. Sorry if you felt I was rude. I was kind of irritated with that drink on my jacket. So.." He said, looking apologetic. Oh, so he's here to apologize. That's sweet! I wonder why people say he isnt good. Looks quite decent to me.

I smiled at him "Thats fine. I understand"

His face lit up to a gorgeous smile. "Great. By the way, Raj here, Raj Singhania" We did a formal handshake "Aditi, Aditi Mehra"
There was an awkward silence for sometime, then he said
"Can I have the pleasure of a dance with you?" I was again taken by surprise. This is seeming so unreal!

Saying No would sound rude and anyways there wasnt really a good reason to deny it. I looked up at him and put my hand over his "Well, why not!" I still wasnt getting why he was giving so much attention to me? Can it be something fishy?

We made our way to the dance floor. He held my waist loosely and took my hand, guiding it around his shoulders. Our bodies started moving with the beats of music. I still couldnt believe here I was, standing with the hottest guy in the college. I could feel many girl's eyes on us, looking at me murderously. Well I cant blame them though! He glared deep into eyes. I moved my eyes over his flawless face, still staring into his deep eyes. He suddenly pulled me closer, causing me to stumble a bit. His grip tightened on my waist, making me a bit uncomfortable. He was getting too close for my liking. This surely isnt looking good.

He moved a little forward, burrying his face in the crook of my neck, his hands carelessly roaming on my back. I now understood where this was going. "What do you think you're doing?" I said angrily, pushing him away and setting myself free from his grip.

 "Its okk baby. Just chillax." He said coolly, as if this was a very regular thing to do, pulling me closer, tightening his grip even more.

This is Enough! I pushed him away with force, fuming with anger. I was so wrong. Whatever I heard about him was absolutely right. Bloody player. He still had this cocky smile on his face, saying something again which I couldn't hear properly because of the loud music, and partly because of the rising anger in me. But sure he must have said something cocky. Such a jerk! He yet again put his hand on my waist.
I now couldnt resist anymore. I was now fuming with anger. I removed his hands from my waist with a jerk and 
Smmaaacccckkkkk! I gave it to him, right on his face.


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