Born To Play

Raj Singhania, the cool cassanova has never faced rejection by girls. His friends keep throwing challenges at him which he, always emerges victorious. He's taken aback when he loses a bet and faces rejection, both for the first time in his life, when a simple but strong headed girl Aditi Mehra enters his college, and dosent give a damn to his antics. Prokoved, he makes another bet that he will make Aditi his girlfriend before the end of the term. What he dosent know is that Aditi already knows about the bet and decides to play his own game on him. And then, the chase begins!


4. Should I trust him?

Aditi's POV:

What has he come for now? Does he want another slap. Pervert! What if he's come here to fight with me. OMG! That would be so embarrasing, specially in front of everyone. But why should I worry, I have all my friends here with me.

I turned back to face him. He was standing there with his hands shoved in his jeans pockets, with no expressions at all on his face. 

"Whats your problem you bloody *******? You came again to bother her!" Abhi got up from his chair, walking threateningly towards Raj.

I got up to stop Abhi from attacking Raj "Abhi cool it. Its okk. I'll handle this."

"But Aditi.. "

"Please." I looked at him assuringly.

He waved his hands in the air disapprovingly and got back to his seat. Not to mention, glaring at Raj with murderous eyes.

I turned to face him, with my hands crossed over my chest "What do you want now? Wasnt a slap enough for you?"

He was still standing there coolly, not even bothered by Abhi's acts, or my uninterested cold response to him.

"Aditi, I've not come here to bother you or anything. I've come to apologise. Whatever I did yesterday.."

"We're not interested in your drama. Try this somewhere else" Simran said, irritated.

He stole a glance at Simran, but soon returned his gaze on me and went on "Whatever I did yesterday, I'm really embarrassed by that. But I was too drunk to see who I'm talking to. I know I shouldn't have done that. I'm really sorry. From my heart." He said, crossing his hand on his heart.

It really touched my heart seeing his apologetic + embarrassed face.

But then, something clicked my mind, making me angry again "Drunk? Really?? What do you think? I'm a fool? It was a college party, where drinks werent allowed. So dont give that bullshit to me ok! You should've thought of a better excuse."

Raj's POV:

Dammit! She's more smarter than I thought! This is gonna be tough. This the reason why I hate to be with such kind of girls. There's always so much more drama with them. God alone knows how am I going to impress this girl.

With the way she's reacting, and my already existing frustration on her, it wouldn't be possible for me to stand there for long without losing my cool. And that'd spoil my actual reason for doing all this! I can't let that happen!

Looking at her with the best it-was-my-mistake face I could make, I said, "Look, I felt what I did was wrong, so I came here to apologize. Rest its up to you to accept it or not. Have a great day. Bye."


"Hows it going, Mr. Charming?" Varun asked me when I got back to my table, when he clearly saw what happened right now. This guy is just something else! Well, I was no different! I would also have done that if I was in his place and he was in mine! We just loved pulling each others legs, and then laugh our hearts out when they fall.

I gave him a determined look "Great till now! Looks like I just have to show her that I'm very much interested in her and all. Wont be difficult for me. I've done that a hell lot of times."

"But dosent this chick look different from the girls we've dated? " Sid asked, looking to where Aditi was sitting.

Ronnie too agreed to that "I agree. I mean, looking at the way she reacted today, I dont think she'll give in so easily."

"Not really. All girls are the same. They need only thing - Attention! That's it. Show her she's important to you and she's all yours." I winked, making them all laugh! 
I've got this refreshed determination in me now. Watch out Miss. Aditi Mehra!


This wont help! I have to keep my ego aside to win the bet. If I keep getting pissed off and running away like this, it wont work! I scolded myself to forget that ego-hurting slap and concentrate on the bet! I could take out my revenge anytime once I win her!

I saw her walking to her car after college, alone. Great! I have to use this opportunity!

She didnt notice me while I walked towards her car. I grabbed the door handle, while she was about to close it. She turned and looked at me, her expression changing from shocked to not-you-again in a matter of seconds!

I put on my best smile, which has never failed to work on any girl!

"Why dont you give me a chance Aditi? I'm not that bad as you think!"
I kept my tone as soft as possible.

"Raj please! After whatever you did last night, or that lie that you told in the cafeteria, give me 1 good reason why I should believe you!" She asked, giving a bored look.

"Cant we just forget whatever has happened and make a new beginning? Like if I behaved in a certain way, you also slapped me right?" She looked at me awkwardly "And dont worry, I'm not asking you to apologise or something. Lets just start off afresh." Keeping my face as innocent as possible, I gave her a big smile.

She was staring at me deeply, as if considering what I just said. A little smile crept on her face after sometime, which I couldnt really say was a genuine one or a sarcastic one!

"I dont really understand why you're taking so much efforts just to talk to me. But let me make one thing very clear. I'm not the type of girl you're probably looking for."

"And thats exactly what brings me to you. That you're different! Very different! And I mean that in a good way." I put my hands in the air dramatically, smiling to her. "Even I need a good friend, dont I?"

She thought for a couple of moments and then let off a beautiful smile. "You're impossible!" She said looking at me in the eyes. I wasnt totally wrong when I said you're different. She is indeed very different! There's something in her which sort of drags me towards herself.

"Cool. Lets hang out sometime then?"  Her eyes widened when I said this.

"Maybe later" She said and drove off. Yes! I'm progressing. Keep it up Raj!

Aditi's POV:

I lay there on my bed, thinking of the events that happened today.

Since morning he was trying to talk to me, apologizing and what not! 
He was making sense, but why is he going out of his way to talk to me?

He's also undeniably hot! Which girl wouldnt like a hot guy trying so much for her attention. Whenever he gave me a gorgeous smile, I just couldn't take my eyes off him.  And then his eyes, I keep getting lost in them. He has something in him which drags me towards him.

But then, is he worth trusting?? Ohh freak this is so confusing!


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