Born To Play

Raj Singhania, the cool cassanova has never faced rejection by girls. His friends keep throwing challenges at him which he, always emerges victorious. He's taken aback when he loses a bet and faces rejection, both for the first time in his life, when a simple but strong headed girl Aditi Mehra enters his college, and dosent give a damn to his antics. Prokoved, he makes another bet that he will make Aditi his girlfriend before the end of the term. What he dosent know is that Aditi already knows about the bet and decides to play his own game on him. And then, the chase begins!


3. Reactions

Raj's POV:

I felt my nerves boil more than my cheeks. How dare she do that? She turned around to leave, but I tucked her elbow strongly, not allowing her to move. I stared into her eyes, boiling with anger. I suddenly felt a strong prick on my right foot, before I could even say anything. Ouchh.That bloody wierdo. She hit me with her heels and swiftly walked out rather quickly. I followed her through the crowd, blood boiling inside my body.

I was stopped on the way by my friends, with Ronnie holding on to me, "Leave it Raj, let her go"

I yanked his hand in the air. I wasnt in a mood to listen to anything. All I wanted right now was to just hit that girl, Hard, on her face! They still somehow pushed me out of the hall "What the hell! Leave me all of you. Let me go in."

They were trying their best to cool me down."Take it easy Raj. She just wasnt comfortable so she did that. Dont take it personally. Relax bro" Ronnie's words were always comforting to me but right now, I was just too messed up in my head.

I was taking deep breaths to cool myself down, pacing back and forth.

"Yeah Man. You anyways dont want to create a scene here at the party for everyone to know that she slapped you, right. And for that girl, let her come to college tomorrow. We'll see her there itself." Sid said putting a comforting hand on my shoulder.

"I guess you're right. No point in creating a scene here. We'll see her tomorrow only." There was a long pause for sometime after I said this. I was finally feeling a bit controlled over my emotions.

But Varun had ruin it "I already told you she's not going to fall for you! Got your answer now? ON YOUR FACE?"  He smirked at me. He was the only one who was finding such a situation amusing. And I hated that.

I again started boiling. Why did he always have to hurt my ego? I leaped towards him and took him by his collars "And I also already told you that no girl can resist me. Sooner or later, she will fall for me. And I can prove it to you. Got that!" I yelled at him, somehow resisting the strong urge to punch him on the face.

He laughed devilishly at me, moving my hands from his shirt "You still have the guts to say that! Impressive! Prove it then!"

"Just accept it Raj. You lost the bet. Simple as that!" Sid interviened.

"Not so easily. I never lose a bet." I said more to myself than him "I agree I needed to handle her a bit differently, but that dosent mean I cant get her. And I will prove it you all!" I half-promised, half-challenged to everyone and walked away to my car. I didnt want to go to the party anymore.

I felt someone holding the car door when I was trying to close it. "You're out of your head Raj. Why the hell dont you accept your defeat and close this topic here?" Ronnie commented.

"Its not about the bet anymore Ron. Its gone to my ego now. And I have to show it everyone. And also that girl - Aditi. She bloody slapped me in front of everyone. Now I have to show her what Raj Singhania is all about" I said, driving off.

I couldnt sleep that night, constantly thinking about three moments that happened today.

1. When I first saw her when she bumped into me. Those innocennt eyes, that look, that beautiful face.

2. The way she looked at me when we  when we were dancing. That sweet, adorable smile of hers. I was feeling actually attracted towards her at that time.

3. The moment when she slapped me. I got up with a jerk on my bed when I recalled that moment.  Thankfully, not many people had seen her slap me but still, I could clearly feel some eyes on us. I again felt a strong urge to punch her face. Instead, I punched my fist on the pillow multiple times, with all my strength. She dosent know who she's messed up with! I'll make sure she regrets that slap all her life.

Aditi's POV:

Forget it Aditi, Stop thinking so much! I literally had to scold myself to sleep but I just couldnt! Those mesmerizing eyes kept floating on my mind. Wait. So what if he had a good face. There's something called character too. Which I'm sure dosent exist in him. It was so damn irritating when he tried to come near me. Iikksss!! What the hell did he think I was? I'm not like any of those plastic barbie-dolls he roams with. Maybe this time, I was his muse. Bloody pervert! Huh! But hey! I guess I did a commendable job by giving it back to him! Now he wont dare to do that again! At least, not with me! And with that thought, I happily dosed off to sleep.


Everyone was looking at me strangely, pointing fingers and giggling among themselves since I've entered this morning. Gossips! Why do they have to spread like fire? Huh!

I went straight towards my friends, avoiding everyone's gaze.

"Hey Aditi, what happened last night? And why weren't you picking any of our calls?" Simran asked worried but I could say all of them wanted to ask me the same thing.

Divya cut me before I could say anything "And you slapped Raj? I mean, were you even in your senses?" She was more of the types who admired and hanged-out with guys a lot! The barbie-doll types!

Abhi answered on my behalf "He deserved that slap for what he did. If I would've found him last night, I swear I would have broken his face. But dont know where that mouse ran away.Never mind. Let him just come in front of me now."

"Relax guys. I'm fine. And I dont think he'll dare to bother me now. He obviously dosent want another slap!" I winked, "and of course, a broken face!" I said that looking at Abhi, making him chuckle.

"You're more stronger than I thought! I'm impressed!" Vivek said, patting my back.

"I still dont understand! I mean, any girl would just die to be in your position, and you slapped him! Wierd! I mean I saw when you did that and I was like Is she out of her head?" Divya made a face.

"Poor Raj! He should've asked Divya instead of Aditi. Too bad, he made a wrong choice!" Vivek grinned, making all of us break into a laugh.


It was soon break time and all of us gathered in the canteen.

We ordered our food and were happily eating, talking about some random things.

"Hi Aditi." I heard a familiar voice and knew exactly who it was. Yes! Thats right. Raj Singhania!

Feeling too tired to write A/N right now. *Yaawwnnnnn*
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