Born To Play

Raj Singhania, the cool cassanova has never faced rejection by girls. His friends keep throwing challenges at him which he, always emerges victorious. He's taken aback when he loses a bet and faces rejection, both for the first time in his life, when a simple but strong headed girl Aditi Mehra enters his college, and dosent give a damn to his antics. Prokoved, he makes another bet that he will make Aditi his girlfriend before the end of the term. What he dosent know is that Aditi already knows about the bet and decides to play his own game on him. And then, the chase begins!


6. Opening up

Raj's POV:

She kept staring at me for sometime, before moving her gaze away. Maybe she was unsure of what to say, opening and closing her mouth a couple of times.

"Well Raj, to be honest, I'm trying my best to trust you." She finally said looking at me in the eyes, holding the gaze for long.

And for a moment, I couldnt do anything else, but stare and lose myself in those mesmerizing big doe-eyes.

Dammit! Why is it always so difficult to move my eyes from hers! But hey! There's an added advantage here. Whenever we hold a strong gaze, I feel her being more comfortable with me. ie, the distance between us lessoning! And that's so much in my favor. Keep it up Raj!

I flashed her my perfect smile "And I'll make sure you succeed in that."

She smiled, taking another bite of her burger.

"So, tell me something about yourself. What do you do after college?" I asked casually, in an attempt to make our conversation more personal.

"Nothing much. I'm mostly at home. And in the evening, hanging out with friends or sometimes with family."

I almost choked on my coke. "Are you serious? At home? Dont you get bored?"

And for a moment, it made me re-think about being with this homely girl. I mean, just imagine, I was actually getting attracted to her a few moments ago. Beware Raj! She's not your types. Close your heart! Right Now!

"Not really. I love to spend time with my family. And most of all, playing with my little nephew Vihaan. He's such a sweetheart you know!"

Something pricked my heart when she was explaining about her family.
She went on and on for sometime about her parents, elder brother, sister-in-law, and of course, her Vihaan! And then there was her granny too, who apparently, was very much close to her. Phew! Such a huge family!

"So that's it about me. Who all are there in your family?" She concluded and looked at me, waiting for my reply.

This was the question I hated the most! I never talked to anyone about my family.

My self-sarcastic half-smile crept on my face as I thought about my family "Family! Huh.. I dont really have one!" That statement was maybe more for me than for her.

But this confused her "You dont have one? A..As in?"

"As in, its just Dad and me in the family" I said looking away, hoping that she gets the clue and stops this topic right away. Actually, its not even 'Dad and me' most of the times; its just 'me, me and the lonely me', but I didnt feel it right to tell this to her.

She was quiet for a few moments, but then again pushed the topic "Ermm.. If you dont mind me asking, Your.. M..Mom?"

Bulls-eye! She hit the topic I'm least comfortable talking about. 'Mom' - That word itself strikes the deepest chords in me. It recalls all the memories of my Mom, my most cherished moments that were spent with her. And also, I hate it when someone sees me at my weak moment.

I still answered "My Mom's no more. I lost her when I was 10."

I felt her warm hand over mine "I'm really sorry. I didnt mean to.." 

"Its ok. I'm fine." I said it, even if I didnt mean it.

She sat quietly for sometime, giving me my much needed time to compose myself back.

"Sorry. I was very close to my Mom so I just.."

"Dont be. I understand." There was something so warm, so soothing in her eyes and the way she looked at me, that I felt it was safe to deposit my feelings here. But then, I dropped the plan. Its never easy for me to open up my heart and reveal my innermost feelings to anyone.

Once I was over the moment, I looked at her, smiling assuringly. "Dont worry. I'm fine." She sighed releavingly, returning the smile.

My eyes glued on the wall clock over her head.

I  then pointed my watch towards her "Oops. Time flies so soon. I cant believe my time-limit of half an hour with you has ended already! Well, not that I mind if you give me some bonus brownie time." I smirked at her suggestively, making her smile.

"No Thanks. I'm already getting late. Lets leave now." She said getting up.

We settled back in my car, heading towards college, as she had to collect her car from there.

"Thanks again for the treat Raj." She said as I pulled my car next to hers.

I smiled "The pleasure's all mine. And by the way, can I get your phone for a moment?"

She looked hesitantly at me "Phone? Why?"

"Dont worry, I wont do anything that you wont like. Promise."

She hesitatingly handed her phone to me, staring intently at the screen, and seeing what exactly I was doing with her phone. I punched my number in her phone and saved it, before returning it back to her. "That's my number. You can call me whenever you want."

She smiled teasingly "Hmm. Why do you think I would I even call you?"

"Simple, to fix the time of our next date" I replied coolly, making her eyes widen.

"Oh hello! This wasnt a date ok?"

I smiled knowingly "Ok Chill. Call me only if you want to. Better?"

She nodded and got down of the car, waving at me.


Next 2 days went mostly uneventful, except that I successfully befriended one of Aditi's friends 'Divya'. My God! She was such a hottie! Definitely worth spending some time with.

But currently, I was forced to leave all my other exciting plans and concentrate only on - Aditi.

I was walking towards my class, when I saw Aditi standing outside her class, alone.

I approached her casually, when something got into me. I pointed my two fingers on her head, making her flicker from the sudden attack "You are under arrest."

She mocked terror "What for?"

"What for? As if you dont know! Well, let me make things clear for you. Because you broke my heart."

She raised her eyebrow "Really? And how's that?"

"Having someone's number and not calling them, is a punishable offense."

She smiled amusingly.

"Dont smile, you have to pay for it now. And I'm serious." I said in monotone.

She chuckled "Interesting. What would I have to do?"

"Hmm.. Your punishment would be.. Another date with me." She widened her eyes on that "Ok. Not a date. Erm.. An outing sounds better?"

Her face relaxed but she didnt bother to reply.

"Dont even think of escaping the punishment. You can't" I stated.

"You're such a.."

"Smart guy. I know!" I completed her trailing sentence before she could.
"So done. Tommorow is a college off anyways. So, its good tommorow?"

She gave me a half-smile looking away. "Unbelievable."

I raised an eyebrow "And that means?"

She thought for sometime and then turned towards me. "Ok. Done."

"Great. Where do I come to pick you up then? "

"College. At 9."

"Cool." I said waving off.


Next day

I got up next morning, with a pulsating headache. I moved my hands over my head, pressing it hard. Damn! Why did I drink so much last night. That thought made me recall something - oh yes! My yet another arguement with Dad last night! Erghhhh!

I somehow got up from my bed, searching for a headache pill. I wasnt even in a position to shout and call my domestic help.

After taking the pill, I relaxed a bit, and looked over at the wall clock. Still just 9:30am. I can go to sleep for some more time. I rolled under my comfy blanket, closing my eyes peacefully.

My eyes suddenly flicked open when I realised something - Aditi! Oh freak! She must be waiting in the college.

Dammit! I couldnt even call her. She didnt give me her number! I myself had to run.

I got up and pushed myself to get ready. I quickly showered, put on some casual clothes and my favorite deo and shooted off towards my car.

I drove rather super-fast towards college, secretly wondering, why Aditi herself didnt give me a call if I was late?

I found her standing near the gate, with her hands folded, and eyes restlessly looking on the road. I turned the car towards her side, stopping just next to her. I got down from the car, looking at her apologetically.

"Sorry sorry sorry. I..I got up late." There was no way I could tell her about my hangover thing.

She kept looking at me, expressionlessly. Hands still folded over her chest. 
"You know what? I'm standing here since an hour. If you make a promise, at least learn to keep it."

"I'm really sorry yaar. I'm already feeling guilty that I kept you waiting." And this time, I really meant what I said.

She didnt reply, just opened the passenger door and settled herself. I took the clue and hopped on the driver's seat.

"Hmm. Let's make up for it. Venue, you decide today."

She turned to look at me "You wont like where I like to go."

I gave her a determined look "I would love where you like to go. Try me."


"Of course!"

She smiled. "Ok. Then get down of the car."


"I mean, get down and let me drive."

"A..are you sure?"

"Yes I am." She said, getting down from her side of the car.

I hated it if anyone even talked about driving my car. I never let anyone touch it, not even my best friend Ronnie. I dont know why, but I somehow hate it when someone used my personal belongings.

And here, the question wasnt about just anyone. It was a girl wanting to drive. No offense but I think girls just cannot drive. Dont even get me started about the parking part.

Anyways, I didnt have a choice so I just did what she said. Settling in the passenger seat, I braced myself for the roller coaster ride.


Nothing much to say, just wanna ask "Are you'll happy with the way the story's going?"

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