Born To Play

Raj Singhania, the cool cassanova has never faced rejection by girls. His friends keep throwing challenges at him which he, always emerges victorious. He's taken aback when he loses a bet and faces rejection, both for the first time in his life, when a simple but strong headed girl Aditi Mehra enters his college, and dosent give a damn to his antics. Prokoved, he makes another bet that he will make Aditi his girlfriend before the end of the term. What he dosent know is that Aditi already knows about the bet and decides to play his own game on him. And then, the chase begins!


5. Friendship

Aditi's POV:

I briefed my friends about what happened yesterday with Raj, and that I had agreed to give him a chance. So that the next time we bump into him, there's no unwanted arguement or heatup between them. They werent too happy with my decision but I convinced them somehow "Its ok guys, I can take care of myself. I'm a strong girl." I said showing my almost non-existing biceps, making them laugh.


It was break-time and I wasnt too hungry. I was walking towards the library when I heard Raj call me from behind. "Hey Aditi."

I looked back at him. He was standing with a girl whom he soon waved and dettached from, walking towards me. He was looking absolutely hot in his Black full-sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans. One hand in his pocket like always, the other waving to me. And was that gel or water in his hair? I dont know exactly but it was a perfect out-of-the-shower look. Freak! What was I doing? Was I checking him out? Iikkksss! I shook my head to clear my thoughts. "Err.. Hi"

"Alone today?" He said walking towards me.

"Yeah! Going to the library."

"Ok. Anyways, you said we'll hang out later. So how about today?"

I kept looking at him, confused what to reply. Yes No Yes No. I want to go but dont know! I'm still not able to trust him fully. Meanwhile, I dont want to turn him down and lose such a chance to know him better, well even if I do so, its not that he'll give up his constant nagging to take me out! Oh God, help me!

"You still dont trust me right?" He said walking closer to me, bringing me out of my thoughts. CheckMate! Now I cant even refuse to go.
Huh! This guy has something with his choice of words that always traps me.

"Ok fine. But only for half an hour okay?" Oops. I was myself shocked and somewhat embarrased at the tone I used. As if I was doing a favour on him. He chuckled at my statement, making me frown.

"Ok. After college then?"

"Err.. ok."

"Cool. I'll be waiting." He smirked and waved off.


"Are you nuts Aditi? You'll go out with that idiot?" Simran moved her hands disapprovingly in the air, while I was keeping my books back in my bag. The lectures were over now and all my other friends had already left. I shrugged "I didnt have a choice dear"

I know that any girl would've died to be in my position, but I, I was going just for the heck of it! 
Simran always hated players, just like me. With the exception that I still believed in giving people chances, sort of giving them benefit of doubts but for her, first impression was the last impression.

"No! You-are-not-going." She said pressing on each and every word.

"Come on now! He's not that bad yaar. I've talked to him and I can say that!"

"Says the girl he tried to hit on not more than 2 days back!" She said sarcastically, folding her hands over her chest.

"He apologised for that ok? More than once!" Wait. Why was I taking his side and arguing with my best friend? It's not like she's totally wrong here.

"Whatever Simran. I already told him I'm coming. And dont worry darling, I'll be fine."

She tried her best to avoid me from going. But then finally, she had to give in. "Ok. But take care ok? And if that idiot tries to misbehave..."

"I'll immediately call you then. But dont worry I dont think that'll happen." I smiled assuringly at her.


We were walking towards our cars when we found Raj and one of his friends waiting at the parking lot. They were standing next to a sexy looking Scoda Octavia.

Simran nudged me "You said he was coming alone. What's his friend doing here then?"

I shrugged "I dont know. Lets see."

Raj introduced his friend as Ronak aka Ronnie and I introduced him and Simran. Ronnie also looked smoking hot like Raj, but more relaxed and friendly in attitude unline Raj's I'm-hot-and-I-know-it attitude.

"You look pretty Simran" Ronnie complimented and Simmi just rolled her eyes. His eyes then glued on me, maybe confused by Simran's behaviour. I smiled a little and he gave me a huge smile back. 

"Hey Simran. Why dont you join us? Ronnie you too." Raj said looking at Simran.

Ronnie excused himself "No man! I'm already getting late. I better be home on time"

Simran looked at me, making me smile knowingly. "Err... No thanks. You guys carry on."

We settled in Raj's car after waving to Ronnie and Simran. I left my car at the college for the moment.

The ride was almost a silent one, with me feeling a bit wierd. I had agreed to go with him at the spur of the moment but.. what if he.. he tries to?? And I'm all alone with him. I want to trust him and till now, havent felt anything like that but still..! Oh God! I should've dragged Simran along too!

The car came to a halt and when I saw the surroundings, I was relieved. We were just outside a McDonald's outlet. That means, I was safe! And correct too :)

Raj's POV:

"You didnt answer my question" I said leaning on my chair, while eating my french fries

She had her mouth full of the burger bite, but still tried to say something, which made me chuckle. She frowned, narrowing her eyebrows.

"I'm Sorry. Didnt mean to laugh at you. But you were looking rather cute trying to speak with your mouth full." I've used this line many-a-times on girls just to make them feel better but internally I always thought it looked gross! But for the first time in my life, I felt that someone could actually look cute while doing that. She immediately took a sip from her coke and gulped down the bite rather fast. I saw her eyes were a bit moist and she was batting her eyelids. Maybe the burger was too spicy for her.  She looked like an adorable small kid while doing that. Woah! What are you doing Raj.. Concentrate on the bet and not on her. You have to impress her and not be impressed by her. My inner voices we just shouting at me.

"That was rude" She frowned, cleaning her mouth with a tissue.

"Hey I already said I'm sorry"

"And what were you saying, I didnt answer your question. Which question?" She said taking another sip from her coke.

I leaned forward on the table, and looked into her eyes "You still dont trust me right?" I tried my luck when I somewhat knew her answer!

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