Across Worlds

Star is a seventeen year old girl who lives an odd life in the world of Asisol.
Niall is a twenty year old boy living his dream of being in a band in the Real World.
Star finds a white crack in-between her world and Niall's world. She sends a note to whomever is on the other side.
So begins a friendship through notes and gifts through a gate between worlds.
~based off of the book A Corner Of White~


2. Superstar Niall

Niall's POV

"Mate, let's go!" Zayn called to me. I was still packing up my guitar.

"Coming, coming!" I yelled back. I picked up my guitar case and headed to the van. "Can't wait to get back home. I miss it."

"Same. I miss chasing Liam around with spoons all the time." Harry added.

"Hey! I can still hear you from back here!" Liam called. We all laughed. These guys were more than just my friends. They were like my brothers.


I was sitting in my room, still eating the Nando's I had gotten right after me and the boys got back from our tour. I hadn't been home in two months. 

Something white was shining, with a rainbow light coming out from it.

"What in bloody hell is that thing?" The white crack-shaped object shone brighter, and a piece of paper came through. It was very fine sanitary, a blue background with unrecognizable flowers adorning the border.

Slowly unfolding the note, I saw it was a letter. The letter was written in an odd form, but it was still readable.

To whom it may concern:

My name is Staria, but please, call me Star. I live in the world of Asisol, and a crack between my world and yours let me write this letter to you.

When you have the time, please reply. I need a friend.

~Princess Staria of Asisol

A princess? That was a first. More than that, a princess from another world called Asisol! Was this all fake?

But, then again, it felt like I should reply. She did say that she was lonely and needed a friend.

I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and began to write.

Dear Staria(haha, woops, Star)

I got your letter, and I felt like I should write back to you. My name is Niall, and yes! I'm from the Real World, as you call it, but I call it Earth. I'm a part of a band called One Direction, but I'm unsure if music passes through my world to yours. Hey, maybe I could send you one of our albums!

But, in all seriousness, I might be able to be your friend. I need someone other than my bandmates to be my friend, as all of the media stress is really getting to me. Hell, I almost threw my guitar out the window to a bunch of paparazzi!

Tell me more about yourself. Maybe if this 'crack' you speak of gets bigger, I would be able to come to Asisol!

~Superstar Niall of Earth

I folded up the letter and sent it through the crack. Hopefully Star gets my message.

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