Across Worlds

Star is a seventeen year old girl who lives an odd life in the world of Asisol.
Niall is a twenty year old boy living his dream of being in a band in the Real World.
Star finds a white crack in-between her world and Niall's world. She sends a note to whomever is on the other side.
So begins a friendship through notes and gifts through a gate between worlds.
~based off of the book A Corner Of White~


1. Princess Star

Star's POV

I glanced at the new jewel in my crown. They kept adding them as I passed my Princess Initiation tests. Every child of the High Nobles had to take them when they turned sixteen. The tests would be over when I was eighteen, or whenever I didn't pass a test. The tests took away a lot of my schoolwork, but hey, I was smart, so it felt good to not have the burden of homework on my shoulders, that and not getting attention from every single person in the entire school. 

Let me explain. My name is Staria Melodies Delsana, but I call myself Star. No one else does.

I don't see myself as 'princess material', yet they say I could be one. 

But I don't want to be a princess. I'm not a dress person, and I definitely can't stay organized, like most princesses should. Every boy at school is an arrogant douchebag, and the only thing they want me to lose is my virginity. From them. Dumb, I know. Everyone is super friendly to me, but no one is really my friend.

I want a friend. Someone that I can talk to, when I'm tired of all the media. I'm also kind of confused about the system that we use. The laws say I can be free whenever I want, yet I'm constrained to the castle. What gives? I should be allowed out of my own damn house!

And that's another thing. I'm not allowed to curse. I curse all the time! I also can't eat on my own terms, or do basically anything without 'help'. I can do anything on my own, but nooo. I have to have three people helping me get dressed, eat, do homework, ANYTHING. I can't even play video games!

If people knew the truth, they wouldn't want to be in my position as bad.

But what I found wasn't at all what I expected. Just yesterday, I found a crack. Cracks are rare as hell now. Cracks in-between my world of Asisol, and the Real World. Not big enough to fit through, but small enough that I can't get caught with it. I sent a letter through just the other day, even!

Here's what I wrote:

To whom it may concern:

My name is Staria, but please, call me Star. I live in the world of Asisol, and a crack between my world and yours let me write this letter to you.

When you have the time, please reply. I need a friend.

~Princess Staria of Asisol

I hope whomever got the letter replies soon.

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