Across Worlds

Star is a seventeen year old girl who lives an odd life in the world of Asisol.
Niall is a twenty year old boy living his dream of being in a band in the Real World.
Star finds a white crack in-between her world and Niall's world. She sends a note to whomever is on the other side.
So begins a friendship through notes and gifts through a gate between worlds.
~based off of the book A Corner Of White~


3. Music?

Star's POV

I found a letter the next day in the crack. It was written on less fine paper, but I could deal with it.

Dear Staria(haha, woops, Star)

Damn right, I thought to myself.

I got your letter, and I felt like I should write back to you. My name is Niall, and yes, I'm from the Real World, as you call it, but I call it Earth. I'm part of a band called One Direction, but I'm unsure if music passes through my world to yours. Hey, maybe I could send you one of our albums!

But, in all seriousness, I might be able to be your friend. I need someone other than my bandmates to be my friend, as all of the media stress is really getting to me. Hell, I almost threw my guitar out the window to a bunch of paparazzi!

Tell me more about yourself. Maybe if this 'crack' you speak of gets bigger, I would be able to come to Asisol!

~Superstar Niall of Earth

What was music? I remember that music was something from the Real World made up of pleasant-sounding tones, but before Asisol was brought to order, it was chaos. Colors, music, uneven families, poor people, and rich was a complete mess.

Then King Lorevil had out an end to all the chaos. Colors, music, and money were all gone, so everyone lived in happiness and peace.

How was Niall able to live in such chaos? His life must be filled with it!

Dearest Niall,

I don't understand. How are you able to live in such chaos with music and colors and everything? I just don't. Is there something Real World humans have that Asisol humans don't?

You can send me an album if you choose, but if anyone finds it, I'm dead! Cracks nowadays have to be reported, as they say contact with the Real World is 'dangerous', like Real World humans are dangerous!

Honestly, I don't think I see any threat in you. But I have to hide this crack, because the penalty when you don't report a crack, Noble or not, is death.

Anyway, I have to get back to my Princess tests. I'm glad that you wrote back.

~Princess Staria of Asisol

P.S.: I see that you used my method of signing off letters. It's more my thing, but go ahead if you like using it!

"Princess Staria! Come! Your Tests are in five hours!" One of my maids called.

"Five hours? I'm sure that I'll be able to go later!"

"Oh, nonsense! You must come, now!" I groaned. 

"Can't I have a day without my Princess Tests?"

"No, of course not! Unless you don't want to be the next Queen of Asisol!"

"Everyone just wants to be with me so they can see how good I am in bed!" I retorted.

"Princess Staria Melodies Delsana! Every boy here in Asisol knows that you never have intercourse under the age of eighteen! Now come, you will be late!" My maid stormed in my room, grabbed me by the collar, and dragged me out of my room.

Guess I'll have to send the letter when I'm done with Tests.

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