The Boy Next Door

Christina Spears is one of the ordinary girls in school. She is pretty, smart, funny.. typical teenage girl. One day, she notices a house that has been for sale for a year next door is now sold. What happens when that new boy next door goes to her school?


2. TWO



Christians POV

"That's the new kid?" I ask biting my lip lightly. "Yep. Damn he's hot" Holly says fixing her hair. "You bet." I said watching him come towards me. I feel Holly hit me with her elbow and walk to her locker. I then see him walking to his locker which is pretty close to mine. Thank god. I dunno what I would do if he talked to me. "Hi" he says. Great. Just great. "H-hi" I reply. He has a British accent. Which makes him even more cuter. But it's more high pitched then I thought.

"I'm Louis. Louis Tomlinson" he says holding out his hand. "Christina. Christina Spears" I reply shaking his hand. God his hands are so prefect. I can just imagine them in m-... What am I saying!? "You've got soft hands" he says pulling away and opening his locker. "Thanks." I giggle. Did I just giggle? "Y-You too" oh lord here we go. "Thanks love" he says smiling. Then as I was gonna say your welcome the bell rings and he takes off. I watch him leave and then look at Holly who is freaking out. "You just talked to him!! Oh my god!" she says. "I know" I said smiling wide.

As I walk to class I get in and see Louis sitting in the back of the class. I slowly walk to my seat in the back which so happens to be close to him. I see him smile and he kind of gets up and leans on his desk a little and taps my shoulder. I look at him and see his blue orbs brighten. "I guess we have the same classes together" he says. I nod trying not to let anything embarrassing come out. I smile and turn around taking a deep breath and tap my pencil on the desk waiting for the teacher to come in any minute now. When my teacher does I smile and start to pay attention to the lesson.

When class is over I quickly get up and run out and runs to Holly's class. "Woa- Hey Christina. Everything alright. You look shaky" She says. "He's in all my classes." I say. "Oh my god really?" She says walking with me to my locker. "Yeah. Oh he's coming" I said. As she turns away I grab her arm and whisper "stay with me" she nods and I start to talk to her about something random and look in my locker for my books when I get interrupted by Louis' locker opening quite fast. "Oh hi Christina" he says. Is it possible to melt when your crush says your name? "H-hi lou" As he gets his books out of his locker, they all fall to the ground. "Oh bloody hell" he says picking them up. "Need help with that?" I ask. "Nah. It's cool thanks tho." He says not making eye contact with me as he puts certain books back in his locker. As he leaves I look at Holly who looks jealous. "Sorry" I say and walk to my other class.

After a few more classes and more of Louis, it is finally lunch. I'm walking with Holly to our regular table and we sit down eating our lunch. I notice in the corner of my eye Louis with four other guys. They seem to be getting along well. So I think they are friends.

Louis' POV

"So, how were the classes?" Harry asks me. "They were good." I said eating my sandwich. "It's because he was with that girl!" Niall almost yells out with food in his mouth "Niall, mouth closed please" Liam says. "Wait, what girl?" Harry asks "this girl he has a thing for" Zayn replies. "I do not." I say stating a fact while taking another bite of my sandwich. "Yes. Admit it" Zayn says. I don't say a word and keep eating. The rest of the guys start to laugh. "Oh shut up" I said and drink my Pepsi. "Me and Zayn have been watching her" Niall says again with a bit of food in his mouth. "Creeps" Harry says. "No. We are not creeps. Just seeing how she acts. And she really likes you Lou" Niall says and I look up instantly. "So does that blue headed freak" Zayn says. "She's not a freak" Niall says. "Ooohhh somebody has a crush" Harry says. "No I don't" Niall says and keeps eating.


Hey guys. Sorry for the short chapter. I am on my phone. So I am having a hard time bc I'm not really used to using my phone for this stuff. Anywho, I am super tired and gonna go to sleep. I will update again when I get up. xxx

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