The Boy Next Door

Christina Spears is one of the ordinary girls in school. She is pretty, smart, funny.. typical teenage girl. One day, she notices a house that has been for sale for a year next door is now sold. What happens when that new boy next door goes to her school?






Christina's POV


After lunch, me and Holly walk to our other class. Me and Holly only have French together. As we sit in the middle of the class and talk before the teacher comes in, we see Louis walk in with two of his friends. A blond one and a black haired one. I bite my lip at him and look at Holly and keep talking. As the teacher comes in, I feel as if somebody is watching me. I slowly turn my head back and see Louis looking at me. I look away and look at my desk and smile. After class, I leave quickly again having Holly laughing. We stop at her locker to get her books, and on the way to mine, I see Louis and his four friends. I take a deep breath and walk to my locker. As I put in my pin and open my locker I hear the blond haired boy "Oh, it's her!" He says. He has a nice Irish accent. I slowly look at him and then look at my locker and frown and shake my head and keep looking through my locker.


"Oh, Hi. You're uh..Holly?" A curly haired boy asks Holly. "Uhmm, yes." She chuckles nervously. "Hi, I'm Harry Styles." He says holding out his hand. She shakes it. "I'm H-Holly Irwin. Nice to meet you." She says. "Nice to meet you too." He says and smiles. As they leave Louis' locker I see Holly biting her lip watching Harry leave. I chuckle and close my locker going to my next class.

When school is finally finished I decide to walk home instead of taking the bus or going with Holly and her mum. I put in my head phones and listen to Blurred Lines. Half way home I still have the song on replay. People may be annoyed by this song, but, I love this song so much. When I finally get home I grab my keys and walk in. I go up to my room and look outside and see Louis, and his other friends playing football. Well, in other words, soccer. I watch them and see Harry look up and notice me. My eyes widen and I quickly fall and hide under my window. I crawl to my bed and lay down. I put my head phones back on and put on Slacker Radio on my iPhone. I put my head back and listen to Cody Simpson - So Listen ft, T-Pain. To be honest, I don't like him that much, but this song is amazing. This song reminds me of Louis.. Why am I always thinking about him? Do I like him that much? I sigh and grab my Diary. Yes, I have a Diary.

Dear Diary,

Today was a good day. I met this boy with amazing blue eyes. A sweet British accent. He's absolutely gorgeous. I also found out he lives next door. Of course right. And, in all my classes. If this isn't a sign I don't know what is. So, I was looking out my room window and seen him and his friends playing football. Well, one of his friends saw me. Damn. I just hope they don't meet Micheal, or even worse Ashton. Who knows what they will do if they find out I like him. But, i'm still trying to figure out, why all of a sudden? Like, I just came home and I meet him the next day. And also, why him? Why can't it be his friend Harry? Why can't it be Josh. Well, I know Josh is my ex, but, trying to make a point. I dunno. I need to figure this out. And I WILL get to the bottom of it. xxx


I close my Diary and put it in my drawer and sigh and get up. I put my iPhone in my music player and blast Ashlee Simpson - Lala....then I hear the doorbell ring.

Harry's POV

So, I look up and notice Christina standing there smiling watching us. Her eyes widen and she hides. This will be great. "Oh Louis." I look over at him smirking. "Yes?" He asks me. "Do, you have ANY idea who lives next door to you?" I say. "Uhmm, mate. I just moved here. Of course I don't." He says like I should know this. "Well, how about we go find out shall we?" I say and I know Liam knows exactly who I'm talking about. "Alright." He says. I feel a wave of excitement come over me. "Let's go." I said. We all walk over to her place and I can already hear her blasted music. We ring the doorbell and wait. As she yells 'coming' over the music I smirk at Louis. Then, she opens the door.

Christina's POV


"Louis?" I ask shocked. "Hi" he says. "What are you doing here?" I ask. "I dunno." He replies. I laugh and look down and then look up at him. I then notice the other boys running away. He looks at them running and say. "Oh bloody hell" "What?" I ask. "Oh nothing. I must go. Nice seeing you." He says but before he walks away I interrupt him. "Oh Louis?" I say. "Yeah, babe? Oh sorry, I call everyone babe." He chuckles nervously. "It's alright. Uhmm, Do you wanna go to a party at my friends house tonight? You can bring your friends." I said. "Yeah, sure. What time does it start at?" He asks. "Uhmm, well I'm leaving at 9. It starts around then. Here, text me, and ill give you the address" I said passing him my number smiling. "Aright, see you then." He says winking and running away. I close the door and puts my back against it and look up and smile. I run upstairs and look for something to wear.


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