The Boy Next Door

Christina Spears is one of the ordinary girls in school. She is pretty, smart, funny.. typical teenage girl. One day, she notices a house that has been for sale for a year next door is now sold. What happens when that new boy next door goes to her school?


1. ONE



Christina's Pov

I am so glad to be back in California. I have spent a year in Canada with my friend and I am finally back home. I miss California. So, I spent my first night home last night. Felt so good to be in my bed. If that can make sense.


I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock blasting in my ear. I groan and press the OFF button. I start to make a odd sound while stretching. Am I the only one who does that? I rub my eyes and slowly get out of bed. I walk to my mirror and see my tragic hair. I huff and walk to my closet. As I open the doors I look through all my new clothes. When I was in Canada and was bored.. I went shopping. As you can tell I love shopping. I spent over 1,000$ over there. My parents sent me some money now and then. Yes, my parents are rich. But they aren't those stuck up posh rich parents. They still have regular rules and ground me....a lot. I pick my new jean jacket and grey shirt and set it on the bed.

As I walk to my dresser, I pick out my favorite black ripped jeans. I set those on the bed aswell, and I walk to my mirror. I grab my brush and start to brush my hair down. You know, I thought my hair would look better then it is. When it doesn't go down I grab an elastic and brush my hair a bit more and put it in a ponytail. I start to brush my ponytail and fix my bangs making them not look as tragic as they already are. When I am finally satisfied with my look, I walk over to my dresser and take out a new pair of underwear and a bra. I start to take off my pj's but, as I had it almost over my head my stupid brother's friend Austin barges in.

"What the fuck! Can't you knock!" I yell pulling my shirt down. "No no, keep getting dressed" He says with a smirk. "Pervert!" I said. "Whatever." He replied. "What are you even doing here? I thought you went home last night" I ask. "I dunno, I just decided to stay the night." He said approaching me. I pushed him away. I can already smell the weed from here. "Get away from me!" I said. "Party pooper" He said slamming my door. I roll my eyes and whisper under my breath. I'm not a party pooper. When I finally take off my pj's without interruption, I put on my bra and new underwear. I walk over to my dresser and spray some perfume and I walk into it. I don't want much. As I walk over to my bed I slip on my jeans doing a little dance to get them on. I honestly think all girls can relate with me on that one.

I put on my shirt and grab my jacket and go downstairs. I see Ashton and my brother Micheal sitting at the table doing drugs. They only do it when my parents are out. And when they find out they are coming home, they spray MY perfume around the house saying I sprayed it and of course I get in trouble. I sigh and set my jacket on the counter and get a bowl, some milk and cereal. As I am pouring the cereal I feel someone's hands rubbing my bum, Of course knowing who it is I turn around and slap Ashton in the face. "Go grab someone else's bum and leave mine alone." I yell at him. "Hey! Leave my sisters ass alone!" Micheal says laughing.


I roll my eyes and turn around and grab my bowl and spill it on Ashton's head. "" I said grabbing my jacket and leave. I notice that the house next door to me has people living in it. Finally. After a year, damn. I start to walk to my bus stop and notice I am 30 minutes early. So I decide to text my best friend Holly.

(H=Holly C=Christina)

C: Hey!
H: Hey girl.
C: What's up?
H: Nothing much getting ready. You?
C: At the bus stop.
H: Already?
C: Yeah, Ashton is over, he's being an ass. Tell you about it later.
H: Alright, Imma coming.
C: k. xxx

After a good 20 minutes I see Holly arrive. "Hey!" She says and hugs me. "Hi" After a good ten minutes of talking the bus finally arrives and she runs home. She doesn't take the bus, she stays with me until the bus comes and then she runs home to her mum. I get in the bus and put my earphones and listen to All Time Low - Therapy and close my eyes as some tears roll down my cheeks.


When the song is finished I realize I am turning into the school's parking lot. As I get out and walk in the school I get to my locker and see Holly who seems really happy. "What?" I say as I open my locker. "Okay they have this new guy coming to our school! He is so hot apparently. Some people are saying he lives next door to you! Lucky bitch." She said. I laugh. "Yeah okay." I said. "Oh, there he is!!" She says and I turn my head and see the new guy. He looks amazing. His blue eyes shinning into the light. The way his hair is perfectly done. Oh god. Man, I never thought I would be so sexually attracted to a guy this way.


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