The Boy Next Door

Christina Spears is one of the ordinary girls in school. She is pretty, smart, funny.. typical teenage girl. One day, she notices a house that has been for sale for a year next door is now sold. What happens when that new boy next door goes to her school?






Christina's POV

After texting Holly and telling her Louis and his friends are coming, she had to come over. "Holly! I can't go like this. Are you crazy!?" I said. I am wearing a long sleeve shirt and loose jeans. "I haven't wore loose jeans in years." I said. "Okay. I know, we need to go out. And do something with your hair." She says. I frown and get my iPod that is blasting I Wanna Go - Britney Spears. I turn it off and get my wallet. "Nah, it's fine. I'll pay." She says. "You sure?" I ask her. She nods and calls her mum. She has her license but she doesn't have a car yet, so she uses her mums. She agrees and we get out of my house. I get my keys and lock the door and see the boys in the front yard. I chuckle at Louis who looks up instantly and we start walking to her place. When we get to her place we get in the car and I plug in my iPhone and put on Emily Osment - Lovesick because I know it's her favorite.

She laughs and pulls out of her drive way. She is the one who made me get it anyway. When we get to the mall I get out and run inside. We go to a few stores and I realize it is 6:30. "Holly it's 6:30" I say. She nods and we start running to a pharmacy for some dye. I have no clue what she is doing to my hair. Get starts to get a purple dye. "We're dying my hair purple!?" I ask. "No no. Wait." She says going to pay. After we pay we rush to my place and when we get out with tons of bags we see the boys still at the front yard. "Go go go!!" I kind of whisper and yell getting my keys and unlocking it and throwing the bags and closing the door. We get the bags and run upstairs. We start looking through the bags and putting them in Maybe Yes and No piles. After, I get my white shirt and black sweats on and get the dye box. "Alright, what are we doing?" I ask. "We are gonna dip dye your hair." She says. "I'm gonna get killed!" I say. "Oh well." She says opening the box. "Oh thank you Holly." I said laughing.

An hour and a half later,

My hair is all dry and curled. And we are looking through the Maybe and Yes pile. We end up with one of the looks in the Yes pile. I put the clothes on and she checks it out first giving me thumbs up. I look in the mirror and smile big. "Thanks" I walk over to my dresser and put some diamond hoop earrings and a kitty ring. I put in my hoop nose ring in and look at myself and smile. "Now, for the best part. MAKEUP!" She yells.

I laugh. When she is finished I look and smile and thank her again and get a text from Louis. 

(L=Louis C=Christina)

L:Hey babe.
L:Why we're you rushing in the house so fast?
C:Oh,I dunno.
L:I see. Alright, uhhmm, I was just wondering if I can have the address.
C:Oh right. 50 Rose Rd downtown.
L:Thanks babe. See you at 9. ;)
C:Yep. Bye.
L:Bye xxx

"Babe!! He called you babe!!" Holly says. "He calls everyone babe, I do that too you know that" I said. "Yeah..You just ruined my moment." She says. "Oh sorry." I said laughing. I look at the time and see it's 8:57. "Damn!" She looks over at me. "What?" She asks. "It's 8:57" I said. "Okay, lets go." She says and we go downstairs and then I open the door and walk to her mum's car. While driving there I put my head back. When we finally get there I hear the song Collide - Jake Miller blasting. I get inside with Holly and then I see Louis.

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