Virblazed Tears

A called out war between two worlds… the visible synchronizing with the invisible; a combination of humans, demons and mystical lethal weapons… A battle between Darkness & Light, Fate & Faith… In a world beyond human understanding that determines the destiny of mankind. Can hope transform a destiny? Can faith over rule fate? ...or will mankind be ever blinded to its own destruction? ...


2. Friend or Foe





“Yujo Mizu.” Called the deep voice of the warrior. “I’ve been waiting for this time.”

Yujo was standing straight with his back against the wall. It seemed like he would have got through the wall if it was at all possible. The warrior put back the sword in its sheath and immediately the fire got quenched. A sweat drop trailed down Yujo’s face as his eyes trailed up the armored form of the warrior- red ankle length canvas boots with the symbol of fire at the sides, brown stroked denims, a black silver buckled leather belt which also held the leather sword sheath, his bronze breastplate, a strong gray metal shield buckled up at the back, full sleeve high collared jacket and the hands that seemed like being tied up by a white strip of cloth, his sharp features that seemed hand molded on a tanned complexion, his not-to-miss fiery golden eyes and a metal headband that went through his thick brown hair that partly covered his forehead, slightly exposing the scar on his right eye brow.

He looked different. Too good to be weird, too perfect to be human.

Yujo snapped his bag at the front and dropped it at his side as he pulled out a gun, which was very similar to a revolver. He held it out pointing out at the warrior, although with slightly shaky hands. The warrior took a step forward towards him as Yujo positioned himself firmly.

“One more move and I’ll pull the trigger.” Yujo growled in a seemly shaky voice.

With a few bolder steps forward, the warrior walked closer. Yujo leapt towards him like an attacking samurai and threw a hard kick at the point just above his belt, but fell hard on the ground with a painful shriek as the gun flew out of his hand and broke into pieces, and the cell phone skidded out from his pocket. He turned somehow and tried to sit up but winced in pain as he caught his right ankle which he actually sprained from the kick, where the warrior was not even moved an inch from his position.

He walked towards Yujo and took him by his collar and positioned him to stand. Yujo was breathing heavily. His phone was ringing. The name of Rusero flashed on the screen. But he was helpless. Do or die. That was all in his mind. There was no escape.

“Did you think you can threat me with a 50$ simulation gun?” Spoke the warrior in his deep voice. “But, I admire your courage.”

Yujo struggled in his grasp, trying to be free.

“You’re scared.” Spoke the warrior, golden orbs boring into dark brown.

“What makes you think so?” Yujo retorted, inspite of knowing that now he is at the mercy of his opponent.

“That ugly creature inside of you. I can see it.” The warrior replied just before raising a punch at him with his right fist.

Yujo’s eyes widened as he could see the fist that seemed to be covered in a blue flame coming towards him and then it went right inside his chest. That’s right. It went right inside his chest. Yujo almost got a black out, and the next thing he knows is that the warrior pulled out his hand from inside of him, holding a dark grey dragon like creature in his strong calloused fist as Yujo could visualize the slightly longer thick tail of the creature wagging and coming out of his body as if like from a hidden portal.

Moving his arm at a distance, the warrior then pressed hard onto the body of the creature as its eyes popped out and green slime spilled out of its mouth, making the filthy smelling place worse than ever. Yujo could feel a shiver running down his spine as the warrior dropped the carcass at his feet, its tail fluttering as it slowly breathed its last.

He left Yujo’s collar as he fell on his knees, his hands on his chest. There was no bloodshed, no harm. The green slime of the carcass stained his blue jeans.

“Do not be a host to Fear. This creature is small but, yet deadly. It will slowly consume you like a merciless parasite.” The golden eyed warrior turned around as he spoke with a confident smirk. “See you soon Yujo Mizu.”

He walked off and disappeared into the turn of the lane. Yujo sat there, still trying to figure out if he was really alive. His hands wandered over his chest as he felt no pain and realized that actually there was no harm done.

He looked at the carcass of that weird creature lying at his foot as he suddenly noticed the green stains on his pants disappearing in the form of smoke. Then he watched in surprise as the carcass and the slime around slowly disappeared as well.

“What was that? What did he just do?” He whispered to himself. It was then that he realized that he was actually free from that certain pressurizing fear that was eating him up. It made him feel better like never before.

“NO WAY!” Yujo got up on his foot and rushed to his phone. As soon as he grabbed onto the phone he dialed and put it to his ear.

“Rusero! Thanks goodness! I gotta meet with you. As soon as possible.”

Yujo grabbed on his back pack and the broken pieces of the simulation gun and hurried out of that place.


Scene 2-

“A golden eyed warrior?” asked Rusero curiously.

“He… he is an assassin!... but also a hero… m… maybe…” Yujo looked completely confused.

“What?” Rusero asked him with a weird expression.

“I mean… I really don’t know! He was so different! I don’t even know if he tried to kill me, or actually he saved my life!” Yujo replied, enthusiasm burning in his eyes as he took out the broken pieces of the simulation gun from his bag and placed it on the table in front.

“Hmmm.” Is all that came from Rusero as a response.

“What?” Yujo asked him surprised that he didn’t react. “Tell me! Am I actually losing it? Is madness taking over me?

Rusero retained his silence for sometime deeply thinking something, which as a result, actually triggered the edge of Yujo’s patience.

“Come on man! Say something!” Yujo unintentionally blurted out in an unwanted volume of voice which made a few heads turn towards him in the peaceful café.

“Be patient man!” Rusero spoke as an order.

“You aren’t saying anything!” Yujo spoke enthusiastically.

“I’m not surprised.” Was Rusero’s casual reply.

“I am surprised that you aren’t surprised!” Yujo retorted. “Tell me does this have something to do with the ‘war’ thing you always speak of?”

“You will get all your answers in the right time.” Rusero spoke confidently.

“So you DO know about this.” Yujo spoke in barely a whisper. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I did tell you.”

“It was just like a hint! That didn’t explain anything!”

“Would you have believed me if I told you?” Rusero asked frowning.

“It doesn’t make sense.” Yujo murmured.

“You can’t even believe your own eyes.” Rusero spoke in a low voice.

“Tell me Rusero, what more do you know about this warrior? How did you get to know him? What kind of a person is he?” Yujo asked curiously.

“He has his own ways of doing things.”

“And? ...”

“You’ll get to know in the right time.”

“But… Rusero…”

“I gave you my reply.”

Rusero’s phone rang. He responded.

“Hey. Yeah, we’re inside.” Then he placed the phone on the round coffee table.

“Who’s coming?” Yujo asked.

“Seto. A friend.”

By then a tall fair guy with kind of messy hair walked up to them. He was carrying a black guitar bag with him still murmuring the tonic solfa of the song he learnt.

“do re do do… mi do…” he hummed.

“Hey Seto.” Rusero greeted him. “Join us.”

“Thanks.” Smiled the tall guy as he joined them at the table, still singing the musical notes as he placed the guitar at the side.

“This is Yujo. My roommate.” Rusero introduced them to one another. “Yujo, this is my friend Seto.”

They shake hands.

“Nice to meet you.” Smiled Yujo.

“Same here.” Smiled Seto.

The waiter came and placed three coffee cups on the table with a plate of some chocolate chip cookies.

He left with a slight bow after a ‘thank you’ from Rusero. He seemed to be someone quite respectable in that society.

“So you play guitar?” Yujo asked Seto.

“Yeah. The acoustic.” Nodded Seto.

“I see. I play too.” Yujo smiled.

“That’s good.” Smiled Seto.

“What about your sister Seto?” Rusero asked taking a sip from his cup.

“Inayle is busy in her own world.” Seto replied. “As usual.”



The scene switches to a sports club backyard where a girl with a dusky complexion and her mid-length hair tied up in a pony, ran along a track before throwing the javelin at a distance.

“Arggh!” She grunted desperately as she missed the spot.

Coming down from the track, she kicked onto the trunk of a tree before walking out of that spot.

She walked into the girls locker room as she found a fat girl about 6 feet tall and more than double her size, who was standing in front of her locker.

“Oye, you owe me some respect.” Spoke the fat girl to her.

The shorter girl, being just 5.1 feet looked upto her with a frown.

“YOU started it.” She spoke bluntly. “Move I need to open my locker.”

“I won’t.” Spoke the fat tall girl, the smirk plastered on her face.

“Are you trying to challenge her Katty?” Another tall, but thin girl spoke to the dusky girl as she walked up beside the fat girl.

“So?” the dusky girl retorted raising her eye brows.

The thin tall girl laughed at her. “You better get someone of your own size.”

The dusky girl looked up coldly at the fat girl just before slapping her right across the face.

“I’m not scared of her.” The dusky girl spoke before pushing her aside, pulling out the clothes from her locker and walking off leaving the two tall girls dumbfounded as the fat girl touched her red cheek with teary eyes.

“That hurt.” She whispered as the thinner girl looked at her and shook her head.

After a change, the dusky girl walked up to the garden in front of the club. Her cell phone rang. She grabbed it out of her pocket and sighed with an irritated expression.

“Now what does he want?” she murmured before responding.

“Hey ani. What? I’m not interested. Gah! But… Why should I? No! I DON’T WANT TO!” she spoke irritated before calming down and pausing for a moment, the phone still held to her ear.

“Fine… Whatever. I’ll be there.” She put back the phone in her pocket and walked out of the club.



Rusero, Yujo and Seto are sitting at the coffee table and talking among themselves.

“She’s coming.” Seto told Rusero as he put back the phone in his pocket.

“That’s good.” Replied Rusero.

“Ziev called me. He invited us to the Eastern View game parlour.” Seto told Rusero.

“The Eastern View game parlour!?” Yujo spoke with earnest excitement.

Rusero and Seto looked at him before looking at each other questionably.

“Well, and he said your friends are welcome.” Seto told Rusero as he replied with a nod.

“Am I coming with you?” Yujo asked expectantly.

“Yes you are.” Rusero replied with nod.

“YES!! I would love to play bowling!” Yujo spoke with a lot of excitement.

“One more hour to go. I just hope my sister reaches on time.” Spoke Seto with a sigh.

“We can walk down to the bus stop and pick her up from there.” Rusero said as he stood up, taking his phone from the table and putting it back in his pocket.

Yujo and Seto followed him as they walked out of the café and made their way to the bus stop.

“There she is.” Seto said pointing out to the dusky girl who was the javelin player in the sports club. She looked at them, then fixed her eyes on Seto as the approached closer to her.

“You made me wait brother.” She spoke sternly.

“You didn’t have to wait for long. It’s fine.” Seto replied with a frown. “Inayle, meet our new friend.” He said motioning at Yujo.

“Hey, my name is Yujo Mizu.” Yujo reached out his hand.

“Inayle Kater.” They shake hands.

“We’re going to the Eastern Game parlour.” Rusero told Inayle.

“What? I don’t want to go!” Inayle told Rusero before looking at Seto. “I’m tired.”

“You have a fever or something?” Yujo asked curiously.

“I’m fine.” Inayle spoke with a slight frown.

“You’re invited. We’ll have a good time there.” Seto told her.

“Let’s make a move.” Rusero spoke before turning and walking down the road.

Rusero and Yujo walked ahead of Seto and Inayle.

“I really don’t want to go ani!” Inayle told Seto with a frown. “And I hate Rusero’s coldnesss.” She whispered.

“Don’t say like that.” Seto spoke in a low voice. “He’s really good and we also have a new friend.”

“Yujo is too hyper.” Inayle replied. “I don’t like him.”

“You should change your attitude Inayle.” Seto told her.

They walked for sometime and reached the game parlour which was a seven storey building and the front portion was made with black glass. ‘Eastern View’ was carved boldly on a carved out wooden board that hung just above the gateway. They made their way inside.

“This place is COOL!” Yujo whispered looking at the beautifully lit surroundings.

Rusero checked his watch.

“Still half n hour for Ziev to arrive.” He told Seto.

“May be we check out on some games.” Seto replied.

“I wanna go for bowling!” Yujo spoke excited.

“Let’s go.” Rusero said as they walked up to the bowling arena.

They got their ticket as Inayle stood at the corner of the wide hall, some more people hanging around.

“You don’t want to play?” Yujo asked her.

“No. You guys go ahead.” Inayle replied.

Yujo left with a shrug and grabbed a ball. Rusero and Seto stood at a side as they seemed speaking something serious. Within a few minutes, a guy walked upto Inayle and stood by her side leaning on the wall and looking at her. Inayle shot him back a glare.

“Standing all by yourself at a gaming parlour young lady?” the guy spoke with a smirk.

Inayle looked away to the other side ignorantly. From the side, the boy pulled her hair lightly. Instantly, her hands flew up to his cheek with a hard slap as he was standing dumb founded.

“Don’t try to fool around with me.” She spoke coldly.

“WHAT THE HELL!” The guy growled with an angry frown.

“Hey, you can’t just hit him like that.” Another guy spoke as he came with another guy beside the one who was teasing her.

“How dare he touched my hair!” Inayle growled back at them.

“Leave her alone.” Came Seto’s voice as he calmly spoke to the three guys.

“Looks like the hero is here.” Smirked one boy. “You wanna fight?”

“Don’t dare insult my brother!” Inayle growled in a loud voice.                                                                                  

A guy grabbed her hand as Seto pushed him hard. Another guy punch back Seto.

“Is this what you want? You want a piece of me? Fine then, come on!” Seto growled before landing a punch on him as he falls with a bleeding nose.

Another guy comes and throws a kick on Seto at his side as grbs his foot & turns him around bore punching him hard as he falls to the other side while the third guy lands a punch on his cheek as Yujo- “hey, check this out?” and punches him on the face as he falls to the ground.

By this time Rusero was standing just behind them, trying to figure out how to solve the problem.

“Stop it guys!” He scolded. “That’s enough!”

 By that time, the bouncer of the club came and pushed the two groups out of the club. The boys walked away giving Seto a last push as immediately Rusero placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Calm down Seto. Fighting won’t solve anything.” He spoke with authority.

Inayle ran a few paces ahead beside a lamp post.

“It’s all my fault!” growled Inayle. “I spoil everything!” She punched hard on a pole beside her making the boys gasp.

“Stop that! You’ll hurt yourself again.” Seto scolded her.

“AS IF I CARE!” Inayle retorted tears strolling down her face. “You guys were having a good time! I messed things up! I shouldn’t have been here! I always show up in the wrong place in the wrong time!”

“It’s alright Inayle.” Spoke a familiar deep voice.

Instantly Yujo’s eyes shot up to the direction of the voice. It was that warrior, now without his armor. He walked upto them. Rusero and Seto didn’t show any signs of surprise as Yujo watched curiously. The warrior stood in front of Inayle.

“You have the heart of a true warrior. You’re strong, and compassionate.” He told her looking into her eyes.

“Who are you?” Inayle asked surprised, yet in a whisper.

“A friend.” He replied.

“How do you know me?” she asked.

The warrior smiled. “A friend always knows a friend. You’re a nice person Inayle. You just need to change the perspective of your view point.”

Saying that he just swiped his hands over Inayle’s eyes, as once again his hands seemed to be covered in the blue flame. Yujo’s eyes widened. He ran upto him. Inayle looked at him.

“What do you think you are doing? You just did something weird with me in the afternoon and now you’re doing something weird with this girl too!” Yujo blurted out at him. “Who ARE you?”

“Gn’thang Ziev.” The warrior replied.

“Ziev… so, you are one they were talking about.” Yujo spoke surprised taking a glance at his friends.


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