Wishes are true

Paige, Skylar, Natasha, Jessie and Ella are all friends and all go to Tate Crest Academy boarding school together when they meet the 5 new boys things start to change they start to drift apart with the help of Lily and Kayla they want the boys all to themselves but Paige and Jessie have been chosen to show them around things start to get bitter will the 5 girls stay friends or will Lily and kayla tear them apart?....


1. Chapter 1.

Jessie's POV

"I think im going to die all the teachers ever do is hand out homework" i said

" i know you would think they would go easy on us but instead they give us even more they should start off the week with a small amount" my best friend/roommate Paige replied

"It leaves hardly any time for riding" i said

"Honestly your obsessed with horses you hardly do anything else its so annoying" Paiges said

"Thats not true i hardly ride at all anymore i spend most of my time doing homework" i protested

As we walked into our shared dorm room i looked around the walls were covered in One direction posters

"Seriously Paige you need to get rid of these posters imagine what headmaster horan would say if he walked in here especially as its his son in the posters" i complained

"Well you should get rid of thoses horse ones because they are horrible" she retorted

"So what are you gys doing for the holidays" Skylar asked as we walked into the cafeteria and sat down at a table

"Umm not much im going home to England to see my parents" Natasha said

"You're so lucky you live and England and get to go there every holidays i wish i could instead of staying here in boring America with Paige" i said

after seeing Paige's face i quickly added

"Sorry Paige i didnt mean it like that no offence"

"Oh yea none taken thanks Jessie








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