The Inbetweeners

This story is about a girl named Summer and her cousin, Theo. They grew up in a place that's known among witches and wizards as level #3. This is the place that magical folk in the category of something called a hander, are normally raised. Then the cousins find Harry, Ron, and Hermione hiding in a small shelter made of fallen branches. They need to figure out a way to send the golden trio back to the world of 'average' witches and wizards.


5. Pain, Promises, and Perseverance

Harry's POV

I woke up to searing pain in my ribs, and Summer cuddled up next to me. Not again, I thought as I started coughing once more. Please, not again. But it was pointless. I just kept on coughing for what felt like hours before Summer woke up and tried to rescue me from the pain. But it was no use. Like last time, there was nothing she could do to help me except be there and try to sooth some of the pain. It wasn't until Hermione was finally woken by the noise that there was any real relief. She saw me withering in pain, weak with hacking coughs, and gathered up in Summers arms. She reacted instinctively, gently pulling me out of Summers reassuring grip, and laid me flat on the ground, were I continued to cough and sputter uncontrollably. She pointed her wand at my ribs, which were flaring in pain at the moment. Hermione uttered a few choice words, and almost imedietly, the pain subsided and my coughing stopped. Summer was once again cradling my head in her lap, and looking at Hermione, I said the two words that could summon up how I was feeling right now. "Thank you."

"It's what friends are for, right? We all have our own part to play."

A few days later, after regaining our strength, we set off to find Summer and Theo's village, Corotheely. This proved a hard trek hard for all of us, even the Sun's. It was around 40 miles north, and with so many trees, and a not very acurit sense of time, it was rilly hard to figure out witch way we were going.

One time, when me and Summer were talking, Summer would say a few words in English, but then slip back into the language that she originally speaks. Obviously frustrated, she started walking in circles, ranting and ravening in that other language. I'm not exactly sure what she said, but the reaction she got from Theo was beyond hilarious. He just stared, open mouthed for several minuets, then he pointed a finger at Summer and started yelling. "Lorum ipsum dolor sit" he shouted. Summer later told me the translation was something along the lines of "I will tell mom you said that!" and if their mom knew she even knew thoughts words, she would be in big trouble. But when Theo said that, Summer seemed to snap back to reality, and made some sort of 'duh' gesture. She then surprised me by walking up to me, putting two fingers on my forehead, and closing her eyes in concentration. "That better?" She asked. "Yeah, I think so." I replied. Then I realized that we were both talking in that other language, and I understood! Summer walked over to Ron and Hermione, and did the same thing. "There. Now we can talk." Exclaimed Summer. For some unknown resin, Ron thought that this was rather funny, and he started laughing. Pretty soon, we had all joined in and were rolling on the ground with roaring laughter. "Well," said Summer once she had regained control of herself. "That's one way of putting it." At that, we all once again burst into uncontrolubul giggles. It was the best way let off the fear and tenchon that had built up over the past few days.

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