The Inbetweeners

This story is about a girl named Summer and her cousin, Theo. They grew up in a place that's known among witches and wizards as level #3. This is the place that magical folk in the category of something called a hander, are normally raised. Then the cousins find Harry, Ron, and Hermione hiding in a small shelter made of fallen branches. They need to figure out a way to send the golden trio back to the world of 'average' witches and wizards.


2. New People, New Places, New Secrets

Summer's POV 

Hi. My name is summer and I live in Ecital. Ecital is "a place were dwell magic and light" as some say. I have to disagree with the light part. You see, well over half of Ecital is made up of thick forests. Yes, we do have wands, and we are all magical people, but that doesn't mean that we use magic to light our way all the time. In Ecital, there are so many bad people and creatures that it is very dangerous to travel during the day because the things lurking in the trees have a better chance of seeing you. Every time you leave the presents of 30 people, you're considered pray of other animals. Even with a large groop, you are required to wair special green armor to camouflage you in the forests and give you some magically enhanced senses. I was going hunting for were-bears with my cousin, Theo, when we stumbled across a small, crudely made structure. More Theo fell out of his tree and nearly crushed it, wile I calmly shimmied down mine to make sure he didn't kill himself. After checking if Theo could still stand up strait, I examined the hut-type-thing and decided that it must be an elf house. Knowing that they colect gold, similar to how dragons do, we decided to take a look inside. To our surprise, though, we didn't find a giant cavern of gold, but three people, one girl and two boys a bit older than us, huddled up together, fast asleep. "Theo, you make sure those two are ok wile I check on the one with glasses," I said sternly before leaning over the boy in the back of the rag-tag hut.

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