The Inbetweeners

This story is about a girl named Summer and her cousin, Theo. They grew up in a place that's known among witches and wizards as level #3. This is the place that magical folk in the category of something called a hander, are normally raised. Then the cousins find Harry, Ron, and Hermione hiding in a small shelter made of fallen branches. They need to figure out a way to send the golden trio back to the world of 'average' witches and wizards.


3. I Never Even Imagined...

Harry's POV

When I woke up, I found that there was someone, or something standing over me. It had an expressionless, dark green face. Scratch that, the thing had blank eyes, was covered in scars and looked as if it was thinking several things at one time. It's skin was metallic and green, with splotches of orange and gold. It's hole body had the same color and pattern of scars. It's chest and legs were covered with a thick strip of faded grey fabric. Looking to my right, I saw a similar thing, only smaller and with a different face, knelling next to Ron, wavering there hand over some nasty scrapes and bruises wile Ron groaned. Looking back up, I watched the first thing reach out to me, and not finding the strength to resist, I let it. It's touch was cold and gentle, but it's hand on my chin sort of creaped me out, and I pulled away almost instantly. The thing pulled its hand back, and took off its face. As the green helmet was lifted, I saw a face full of concern emerge and look me strait in the eye. It was rather odd, because the mask was exactly the same as her actual face except for it's color. Keeping her eyes on me, she took off her glove, and once more reached for my face. This time I didn't resist. Instead, I rested my tired head in her now warm hand, and as she passed her other hand over my chest, arms, and legs, I felt her take away a searing pain that I hadn't noticed until it was gone. Sighing in relief, I looked to the side once again and saw that Ron was up, sort of, and was cradling Hermione's head in his lap as the other green person did its magic. "Erayk usmol kigna mottynar" I herd the girl say to the other. The other green person also took off his helmet, reviling a stony, yet weathered face with warm, chocolate brown eyes, similar to the girls. "Uh... what?" Commented Ron. Sensing our confusion, she switched to English, but it was clearly not even a second language for her. "We from town of Corrotheely. Were you from?" She managed. She had a thick accent that made it even harder to understand her bad English. "We are from Hogwarts, in England." I responded, speaking slowly so she could understand. "Hogwarts? England?" She asked, clearly confused. I suppose her confusion should be expected, but I'll admit, I was a little surprised that she hadn't herd of it before. "You know magic," I said. "Yes, so?" She commented. Still slightly confused about how she knew magic, could do it without a wand, and still had never herd of Hogwarts, I didn't notice how tired I was untill I was asleep in the girls arms, never feeling this strange sence of security ever before.

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